[10th Nov. – 16th Nov. 2013] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking

Whether it may be people, equipment, or techniques, the SNAPSHOT website delivers various contents relating to the image community. Starting from this week's ranking, the statistics of the website will be gathered from every Sunday to Saturday. Now, let's see the newest ranking!

Top 10 Ranking

First in this week's ranking is the Developers Interview of the highly-popular EOS 5D Mark III. Read to find out the great effort development team placed in search of the true meaning of high image quality. Ranked third is professional shooting tips using the EOS 6D which has been in the ranking for three consecutive weeks now, showing the popularity of landscape photography genre.

What's New

Come see the "SNAPSHOT" website to fuel your photographic passion! Here, we will pick up some of the newest contents added to the website.

If you want quick improvement on your photos, start by learning the basics of composition. In this series article, professional photographer explains in details the points you want to know when composing a shot. [Part 1] is about "Framing" and "Horizontality and Verticality". Photographers ranging from digital compact camera users to DSLR users, all should benefit from this article.

If you've seen the EOS 6D microsite "Surpass Full Frame" with beautiful image of stars as the background image, you will definitely enjoy this movie content. Tyler Stableford, the Canon's prestigious Explorers of Light, tells us what EOS 6D was capable of capturing during his shoot at Moab, Utah; one of the greatest landscape scenery in the western United States.

[Part 2] of the professional camera review on EOS 70D will focus into the body design, button layout and features and makes comparison between the renowned EOS 60D for a better understanding of this, so-called new generation EOS. If you missed [Part 1] which is still gathering many views in SNAPSHOT, check it out also!

SELPHY Craft Projects

(From the website "Canon-asia")

Want to make your own smartphone case, calendars, and gift cards? Learn the procedure of how to make cool items using SELPHY, the compact photo printer. Also you can download the print data used in this movie content for your own trial. This video is not just enjoyable, but is very useful too!

Director Dave Meyers and his crew talks about EOS C500, the Cinema EOS model used to shoot the PowerShot commercial. See the workflow and lens work which makes this interview movie really exciting.


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