[1st Dec. – 7th Dec. 2013] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking

At SNAPSHOT, we curate photography related contents from all around Asia to present it in one single site for your reading and viewing pleasure. Be it trending, new Canon camera releases, new technologies, photography techniques, videos etc we will sniff out the best for you. Weekly Ranking is a must-read for all busy people as we will rank all contents viewed from 1st of Dec. to 7th of Dec. to present to you the TEN most popular stories. So now let's take a look at what's HOT!!

Top 10 Ranking

It's time once again for the Snapshot Weekly Ranking. There are 3 new entries in our Weekly Ranking but somehow all we see is this magical number: EOS 70D. Yes! The EOS 70D dominated the Weekly Ranking, occupying 4 out of the 10 coveted positions, with a video on the innovative 3-way shooting of the EOS 70D using the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology topping the ranking at the number 1 position. The other 2 new entries last week was a review of the EOS 100D, endearingly named The Baby DSLR and [Part 1] of a 2 part interview with the developers of Canon's new flagship model of EOS series, the EOS-1D X.

What's New

"What's New" features sneak peek into selected articles, contents and videos about interesting trends, model releases, new technologies, and everything about photography that is related to Canon. Be the first to read our latest articles and set the trend for our Weekly Ranking chart!

Capturing the spontaneity of children is a very challenging task. Unlike most "smile and shoot" situations, most children do not like posing. In this article targeted at beginners, professional photographer, Yuji Ogura, will share with you some fundamentals on taking cute and natural pictures of children with a DSLR.

Pairing your camera with the right lens can push your photography to a higher level. In Lens Review, professional photographer Howie Choo will show you what the EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens can do. Read more to realize the full potential of this lens with some useful tips from Howie.

If you have enjoyed [Part 1] of the article on EOS 6D, you must not miss [Part 2] of the interview with the developers of the camera where they will continue to share with you about the mechanics behind the clear viewfinder and -3EV AF ability of this amazing camera.

When in a production, sometimes you don’t get a second chance. And with production comes crisis. That’s when support matters. Photographer and filmmaker, Lauren Greenfield shares her experience on how Canon Service & Support came to the rescue during the production of her award-winning documentary, The Queen of Versailes.

Receiving a Canon EOS 100 on his 21st birthday helped unlock Anthony Ang's hidden passion for photography. This passion has taken him to new places and making new discoveries. Let him take you on his photography journey and maybe it'll help unleash the hidden photographer in you!


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