[23rd Mar. – 29th Mar. 2014] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking

The SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking collate the top 10 of SNAPSHOT's most popular news, interviews, reviews and videos of everything related to photography each week, just so that the busy you can still be kept up-to-date with the latest ongoing in photography. Here is a look at our Weekly Ranking from 23rd to 29th March!

Top 10 Ranking

Here we are, once again, bringing you your weekly ranking from March 23rd to March 29th. And WOW! Looks like everyone just can't get enough of the night snaps as our top article remains champion for the third consecutive week. In number 2 position, join us in celebrating our achievements in the Super Bowl XLVIII 2014 news article. At number 7 is the news about our 11th year of No. 1 share of global interchangeable-lens digital camera market! Are you looking for photography inspiration? Then don't miss out the article at number 6! See how professional photographer and designer Lewo Saito brings imaginary cosplay characters alive. You will look at cosplay under a different light!

What's New

The advent of the internet age also means that you are bombarded with an avalanche of information on a daily basis. We know it is inevitable but at SNAPSHOT, we try make it easier for you to sift out what interests you by introducing new and exciting information through What's New. Check out our weekly What's New page to see what's hot off the press!

Ultimate technologies condensed into just one camera? You must be referring to the PowerShot G1 X Mark II!! Flagship of the PowerShot G series camera, this all-purpose camera offers nothing but the ultimate image quality! Find out what hurdles the developers battled to produce it here!

Do you find it hard to take pictures of animals scurrying around? Try the Face + Tracking AF in EOS 70D! You won't need to break a sweat with its automatic tracking function. Find out how to do that here.

Who doesn't want to have unique videos of their wedding?! We understand that, and so we present you the EOS C100 Digital Video Camera. With its advanced AF Lock, Continuous AF, One-Shot AF and many other features, you can showcase your creativity now! Watch video here.

Contented with basic composition skills only? We know you aren't! So try out our first professional composition workshop today. "Visual Guidance", "Unexpectedness" and "Subtraction" – portray your photographer intention in the most unique manner with these 3 techniques! Read more now.

The confidence to bring artistic vision to life - to Gabrielle Revere, a photographer of fashion, beauty and celebrities, means finding the right camera and support. At Canon, these are our forte. Find out how we support our professional photographers. Watch video here.


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