[30th Mar. – 5th Apr. 2014] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking

We are always excited to spot new happenings and trends in the world of photography, and we believe that you are interested too! From developers' interviews to camera specs and even photography tips, we make sure these interesting articles are all within your reach. So take a look at our Weekly Ranking from 30th March to 5th April!

Top 10 Ranking

April's fool day led us into the month of April and we are spotting a rare occurrence in our weekly ranking right from the start with our top 4 articles remain unchallenged! To make things more amazing, it seems that our top article remains unbeatable as it clinches the first position for the fourth consecutive week. Higher echelons aside, why not take a look at the EOS 70D professional tips at number 9? Expand your shooting angles and fiddle with the ISO speeds for better landscape shots! Find out more in this week's ranking from March 30th to April 5th now!

What's New

While practicing is the best way to improve your skills, there's no better way to expand your photography knowledge apart from reading about it! At SNAPSHOT, we keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the world of images through our hand-picked What's New articles. Grow with us and fascinate yourself by checking out our weekly What's New page now!

What can be more fascinating than capturing the subtly of the seasons in your snaps? With the EOS 5D Mark III, you can capture memorable shots by using these 3 approaches: composition, light, and settings. Read more here.

Getting skilled with background Bokeh yet? Let's try something different by blurring your foreground instead! Create a sense of depth using "Foreground Blur" and "Round Bokeh" and be prepared for a neat surprise! Read more now.

4 lens group construction is the best compact cameras can have? No! The developers for PowerShot G1X Mark II settled for no less than 6! Read Part 2 of the developers' interview now to find out more about the lens and barrel in this PowerShot flagship model!

Essentially, photography is narration through images. This is particularly so for photojournalist, Adam Ferguson. From war zones to heroin trade, see how Ferguson speaks of different social phenomenon with his camera and discover his views on photojournalism. Read his interview here.

Macro-photographers don't miss this out! With the Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II, you can minimize all trace of vignetting effect while shooting. And that's just the start! Don't you want to know how Macro Ring Lite assists in shooting portraits or in the dark?! Read more here.


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