[31st Oct. – 6th Nov. 2013] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking

SNAPSHOT introduces variety of photography related contents gathered from all around Asia. Let's see here the top 10 ranking of the contents in SNAPSHOT from the end of October to the first week of November.

Top 10 Ranking

The most popular contents was the "Landscape -Capturing colorful scenery with focus on the angle-" which is not one of the newest articles added to SNAPSHOT last week. In fact, this article was introduced in SNAPSHOT during the second week of October. The reason for its hip this week is the "Canon Imaging Asia" Facebook page where you can find the newest topics relating to Canon products. Ranked second in the ranking is the "[Part 1] Know the Shooting Posture. Adjusting Color and Brightness" which teaches how to shoot great looking shots using a compact digital camera. Must-read for all entry level users. The third in ranking is the "EOS M Firmware Update Video with comparison" where you see the effect of the new firmware for EOS M.

What's New

Come see the "SNAPSHOT" website to fuel your photographic passion! Here, we will pick up some of the newest contents added to the website.

Let's see the excitement of the EOS 70D and its revolutionary new functions on video! Not only the Dual Pixel CMOS AF, but the approx. 7 fps continuous shooting speed, the various AF functions with outstanding optical viewfinder performance and the Wi-Fi connection with smartphones feature are all introduced in this well-edited video content.

John Heng, the winner at Canon-TNP (The New Paper) Young Photographer award 2007 introduces tips to widen our photographic scopes. His words describe attitudes and perspective toward photography. Not only so, good techniques on using the EF Lenses are shared. No worries, these basic understandings are good to know no matter what camera you use; a DSLR or a compact digital camera.

Sports Photographer Lionel Ng, who has participated the Singapore Grand Prix – Formula 1 for four consecutive years introduces his passion toward motor sports photography together with his professional experience and his gears.

Despite its size, the PowerShot G1 X employs a 1.5-inch imaging sensor which enables an image quality close to that of a DSLR. This short video offers introduction to the charm of this model; especially how it compares the sensor size of other models is easy-to-understand.

Celebrated Photographer Joe Riis, whom won an Emmy in 2011 shares with us his philosophy toward photography and challenging the difficult situations. Read his thoughts on the effect of what photography and journalism have on people's minds.


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