[6th Apr. – 12th Apr. 2014] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking

We are always excited to spot new happenings and trends in the world of photography, and we believe that you are interested too! From developers' interviews to camera specs and even photography tips, we make sure these interesting articles are all within your reach. So take a look at our Weekly Ranking from 6th April to 12th April!

Top 10 Ranking

Time seems to fly past so fast and it's time for another weekly ranking! From April 6th to April 12th, movements in our rankings are relatively peaceful as our top 7 articles remain status quo. But do not be fooled! With a composition workshop introducing 3 advanced composition techniques at rank 8, chased by shooting tips with EOD 70D on fast-moving animals at number 9 and Part 1 of an in-depth interview with developers of the flagship model PowerShot G1 X Mark II lying in wait at tenth position, a strong undercurrent is definitely on its way! So stop waiting! Check out the articles now!

What's New

While practicing is the best way to improve your skills, there's no better way to expand your photography knowledge apart from reading about it! At SNAPSHOT, we keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the world of images through our hand-picked What's New articles. Grow with us and fascinate yourself by checking out our weekly What's New page now!

Shade and dusk light can greatly diminish the color of a subject! But do you know you can beat that with an external flash? Find out how you can regain the lost colors and expand your shooting options now! Read more here.

Railway photography is not just about dealing with subjects that are travelling at high speed head on. Capturing the surrounding beautiful landscape as it zooms through can also bring out the speed as it tears through the calm. Read more about it as professional photographer Yuya Yamasaki shares some interesting tips here.

In photography, you must have heard so much about "Exposure" but can you really say for sure you understand "Exposure" and how it affects the final quality of your pictures? Learn how to manipulate the "Exposure" for better pictures in Lesson 1 of this Intermediate DSLR Master Guide here!

Coordination between a suitable sensor, good imaging processor, and high quality lens is essential for superior image quality. But armed with a 1.5 type sensor and DIGIC 6, PowerShot G1 X Mark II is aiming for unsurpassed quality! Find out how this is achieved in our developers' interview here.

Every adventurer should have a sturdy companion that accompanies them through all activities. With the ability to travel up to 25m underwater, amongst its shock proof and cold resistant capabilities, the new PowerShot D30 is just what you need! Find out more about this underwater compact camera here.


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