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7 Reasons Why EOS M Mirrorless Cameras Will Up Your Social Media Game


The more attractive your shots, the more attention they will get on social media. Canon’s EOS M mirrorless cameras are not only capable of amazing shots, but also make it crazily convenient to upload images to social media! Read on to find out more about what they can do.

EOS M cameras and camera connect against images


1. They make it a breeze to capture attention-grabbing images

The most eye-catching images on social media often feature either a dramatic landscape, beautiful background blur (“bokeh”) with a subject that pops, or an interesting, unconventional idea. Your Canon mirrorless camera makes it easy to achieve all that. Here’s how:


Snap high-quality handheld images even in low light

During the morning and evening magic hour, the sky turns an orange-blue ombre for about 30 minutes. It's the perfect opportunity for a dramatic shot, but it is a little dark. Shooting with your smartphone, you either end up with a grainy shot, or use the night mode. The latter requires you to keep your hand completely still for a few seconds while the phone camera takes and merges several exposures, but that is hard. You keep getting blurry shots.

Sounds familiar?

The Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras use a APS-C size image sensor which is around ten times bigger than the sensor on the average smartphone, allowing it to take in more light and detail within the same exposure time. The larger sensor size also contributes to less image noise even at the same ISO light sensitivity settings, making it possible to shoot faster by hand and achieve sharp, high-quality images, even in dim lighting conditions.

Evening magic hour shot on EOS M100

EOS M100/ EF-M15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM/ FL: 16mm (26mm equivalent)/ Aperture-priority AE (f/8, 1/20 sec, EV+0.7)/ ISO 400/ WB: Auto


Beautiful, natural bokeh for shots that pop

The beautiful shallow depth-of-field blurring effect known as "bokeh" is a great way to draw attention to your subjects by making them stand out from the background. The most natural-looking bokeh is produced by lens optics, and having a larger image sensor makes the bluring effect look creamier. Pair your camera with a large aperture prime lens (see point 4) like the EF-M32mm f/1.4 STM for even better results.

Portrait of lady with creamy background bokeh

EOS M6 Mark II/ EF-M32mm f/1.4 STM/ FL: 32mm (5.2mm equivalent)/ Aperture-priority AE(f/1.4, 1/200 sec)/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto

Cool feature alert: Taking a selfie or wefie? Flip your LCD touchscreen monitor to face you, turn your mode dial to "SCN" and try out the Self-Portrait mode. This lets you adjust the level of background blur, brightness and Smooth Skin effect with just a tap. Enable Touch Shutter, and shutter release is just another tap away. 


There to help you capture intriguing shots

Interesting discoveries means interesting photos, but to make interesting discoveries, you need to get out and explore! Canon’s mirrorless cameras are compact, lightweight and handy for such purposes, increasing the chances that you will have a great camera (and cool lenses) on hand when you come across fascinating action, thought-provoking scenes or that #pictureperfect moment that you want to preserve forever.

Basketball fight in the air

EOS M6 Mark II/ EF-M11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM/ FL: 14mm (22.4mm equivalent)/ Manual exposure (f/5.6, 1/2000 sec)/ ISO 400/ WB: Daylight

Fun fact #1: Among its other powerful specs and features, the EOS M6 Mark II can take continuous shots at up to 30 fps and shoot at shutter speeds as fast as 1/16,000 second—perfect for capturing blink-and-you-miss-it moments. Learn more about this high-performer here.

Fun fact #2: The EOS M200 also supports vertical movie shooting. This means that you can share your vertical videos to your social media account without having to convert the orientation first.


2. Fun Creative filters to get artistic with

Need a quick, easy and fun way to get artistic? The EOS M cameras have also got your back.

On the EOS M-series mirrorless cameras, you have access to as many as seven Creative filters, including Miniature effect and the vintage-looking Toy Camera effect, with the turn of a mode dial. Preview the effect as you shoot, or apply it to your shot afterwards.

Buildings shot with miniature effect

EOS M50/ EF-M15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM/ FL: 26mm (41.6mm equivalent)/ Creative filter - Miniature effect (f/6.3, 1/160 sec)/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto

White balance settings offer another way to get creative with your pictures. Find out more here:
White Balance Basics to Achieve Your Desired Colour Tone!


3. Fuss-free creative control, your style

Want to further customise how your pictures look, but are still unfamiliar with technical terms such as “shutter speed”, “aperture” and “white balance”? The Creative Assist feature found in the Scene Intelligent Auto mode lets you adjust the background blur, colour tone and ambience of photos and see the results in real time. All you need to do is select what you want to change and adjust the effect level accordingly.

Creative Assist-Saturation

Park shot with neutral colours
Saturation: Neutral

Park with slightly more vivid colours
Saturation: 0

Park with vivid colours
Saturation: Vivid

All 3 images: EOS M50/ EF-M15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM/ FL: 35mm (56mm equivalent)/ Scene Intelligent Auto (f/5.6, 1/160 sec)/ ISO 160/ WB: Auto

More experienced users who also want control over the usual exposure settings can try Picture Style, also found on Canon’s DSLR cameras. This allows you to choose from presets such as ‘Landscape’ (which has more vivid blues and greens) and ‘Portrait’ (which smoothens hair and skin tone) and customise parameters such as sharpness, contrast, brightness and colour tones. You can even create as many as three Custom Picture Styles.

Also check out: Picture Style Techniques to Level Up Your Landscape Photography


4. You can see (and show) the world through different lenses—literally!

Different types of lenses make your shots of the same scene look different. The beauty of an interchangeable lens camera is that you can change the lenses. This not only expands creative possibilities, it also makes it easier to recreate the image you envision.

The lenses that you can use with your Canon mirrorless camera include:

- Standard zoom lenses known for their versatility, such as the EF-M15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM;
- Telephoto zoom lenses that can draw in faraway objects, like the EF-M55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM;
- Slim, portable pancake lenses and prime lenses capable of beautiful, creamy bokeh, like the EF-M22mm f/2.0 STM and the EF-M32mm f/1.4 STM;
- Wide angle lenses that help you shoot vast landscapes (as well as huge group pictures in narrow rooms), like the EF-M11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM;
- Superzoom lenses that cover a huge range of viewing angles from wide-angle to telephoto (like the EF-M18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM);
- Macro lenses that magnify tiny objects, like the EF-M28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM; and
- Over 70 more lenses in the EF lens line-up with the help of the EF-EOS M mount adapter.


EF-M28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM

EF-M11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM


Macro photo with EOS M200 and EF-M macro lens

EOS M200/ EF-M28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM/ FL: 28mm (45mm equivalent)/ Manual exposure (f/4, 1/640 sec)/ ISO 100/ WB: Auto

Fascinate your social media followers with a whole new perspective on things: Try a macro lens such as the EF-M28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM. It comes with a Super Macro mode that magnifies objects by up to 1.2 times, and allows you to shoot from as near as 13mm away—great for capturing bugs’ eye view close-ups of insects, plants, and other tiny objects.


5. Smartphone pairing is easy with the Camera Connect app

Forget about cables or complicated pairing processes that need to be repeated every single time. To pair your smartphone with your Canon mirrorless camera, simply:

1. Download the free Camera Connect app onto your smartphone.
2. Run it.
3. Tap on “Easy Connection Guide” and follow the instructions.

Once your connection is set up, you can wirelessly transfer images and movies from your camera to your smartphone for storage or social sharing, or use your phone for remote shooting.

You only need to pair your camera and smartphone once.

EOS M mirrorless connectivity illustration

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6. Image sharing gets even easier with Auto Transfer!

The EOS M50, EOS M200 and EOS M6 Mark II come with an Auto Transfer function. When enabled, images are automatically sent to your smartphone as you shoot. This saves the hassle of manually selecting and saving the images you want to transfer—all the easier for uploading to social media!

Auto Transfer on EOS M50


7. You don’t even have to take your camera out to browse your images

Let’s say you are on the train or bus, heading home after a long day exploring and shooting. With time to kill, might as well use it to review, manage and transfer the images that you have shot, right? But if you are standing on a crowded bus, taking your camera out of the bag can be rather inconvenient.

For situations like this, and others where you don’t want to touch your camera, Canon’s mirrorless cameras offer a handy function in the form of Bluetooth, which keeps a constant, low-powered connection with your smartphone. When this is enabled, you will be able to view and transfer the images in your camera with your smartphone via the Camera Connect app, even when your camera is still in the bag. Perfect for productivity on the go.

Bluetooth illustration

To find out more about what the EOS M-series of mirrorless cameras can do, hop on to:
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...and more to come! 


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