[7th Nov. – 13th Nov. 2013] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking

One month has passed since the launch of SNAPSHOT website. Curating news, stories, and videos of photography and cinematography, now variety of contents are stored in this website. Let's see the most popular contents for last week.

Top 10 Ranking

Ranked first and seventh in this week's ranking are EOS 70D related contents. The hottest model of this fall season is continuing to attract much attention. In second and fourth are contents introducing beautiful landscape works by professional photographers. Be interested by the photographic work first, and then find out more by reading the article.

What's New

Come see the "SNAPSHOT" website to fuel your photographic passion! Here, we will pick up some of the newest contents added to the website.

Built incredibly small and its capability of shooting stunning high image quality pictures, EOS M is a camera you would want to carry around all with you times. This article introduces the know-hows to capture wonderful shots at a café restaurant. Let's see the points to bear in mind when you shoot appetizing dishes and lovely atmosphere at your favorite cafés.

Enjoy the powerful dance performance in this LEGRIA Mini movie. Featuring an ultra-compact body with built-in stand, this neat camcorder provides a whole new experience of video shooting. You can switch from ultra-wide angle to close-up and also have fun with the 1/2 speed Slow Motion function. See the charm of this new personal camcorder now!

The EOS 70D which has earned attention from many photography lovers is introduced in details in the Developer's Interview. Here in [Part 2], shedding light on the new Dual Pixel CMOS AF feature, Developers reveal the mechanism of this evolutionally AF system.

Lens Review 7

(From the website "EOS World")

Sports photographer and EOS World's lens guru, Howie Choo explains his love for the Canon's EF300mm f/2.8L IS USM. Choo defines the lens as "the most perfect lens that Canon has ever built". See his work together and his review of the lens.

You can find all the charms of taking movies using the EOS 70D in this movie footage of a chef preparing an appetizing pizza. See the silky smooth focusing of Movie Servo AF feature, beautifully blurred background, and the variety of expression the EF Lens Series provides. Recommend to turn on your speaker ON to enjoy the background music too!


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