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A Recipe for Inspiration


With everyone being a self-professed foodie and food photographer, it’s easy to have your delicious snapshots drown in a melting pot of sameness. Get blown away by some mouthwatering eye candy and dig into these deliciously inspiring avenues that are sure to whet your appetite for a fresh look on food photography.

A pinch of natural lighting, a dash of delicious colours and a healthy helping of the freshest art direction - sounds like a feast fit for a food photographer's eyes! This week, we'll introduce a couple of places, online and offline, where you can get your daily serving of fresh food photography inspiration.

For Breakfast — Pinterest

Start the morning right with a visual feast fit for a king. Pinterest is an interactive platform where users can collect (or Pin) pictures, photos and even videos to create their own visual scrapbook. Wildly popular with brides-to-be, crafters and fashion lovers, Pinterest is also a great place to get inspiration for your next food shot! Its search function is an easy way to find new ways to light a shot, garnish a dish, or experiment with refreshing colour palettes. You can even find tips, tutorials and prop advice that will take your photos to the next level. Just enter "food photography" in the search bar and you'll find thousands of Pinners and Pin Boards that will keep your creative juices flowing all day long.

For Lunch — Instagram

While you're out and about, you can turn to Instagram for some on-the-go inspiration. #Instafood is one of the most popular hashtags you can check out to find millions of appetizing photos from fellow foodies.

For a more traditional taste of food photography, check out Andrew Scrivani (@andrescrivani), a long-time Canon user who has made a name for himself as a food photographer. His dramatic way of lighting food is something to take note of.

Food stylist and photographer Joann Pai (@sliceofpai) serves up a visually appetising series of Canadian and French cuisine through gorgeous photo composition and lighting. Her travels around the world result in food and café shots that infuse an old world sensibility to a modern perspective, and will leave you inspired.

Wild, gorgeous and delicious is how one might describe Eva Kosmas Flores's (@evakosmasflores) food photography. This foodie, photographer, writer and farm enthusiast also shares tips and recipes in some of her posts, another reason to look up her feed.

For Dinner — Recipe Sites

And if you want to take your food photography skills to the next level, why not start cooking and styling your own dishes? While recipe websites are a dime a dozen, hybrid sites like I am a Food Blog combine scrumptious recipes with equally delectable photography.

The Kitchn is another great repository for recipes that look and taste good. Hosting a family dinner and want to whip up some dishes that would look great on social media? Take your pick from hundreds of recipes, all accompanied with appealing food photographs. You'll definitely be inspired to look at food photography in a new light.

For a Midnight Snack — Magazines

For those of you who want to add even more depth and character to your food photographs, why not pick up a magazine or two? Print magazines like Lucky Peach, Cherry Bombe and Kinfolk not only have gorgeous photos of food, ingredients and more, but also give rich insight into the culture and histories of different cuisines and dishes. Their playful, imaginative and passionate write-ups leap off the page, and are a wonderful way of getting inspiration from a surprising avenue. Get inspired to travel to the sweltering hot kitchens where the best xiaolongbao are made, or create a series of photographs that extoll the flavours of Southeast Asian spices.

It's not difficult to get inspired in Asia, where the food is delicious and varied, and everyone seems to hunger for that perfect taste and photograph. So why not take a break from your usual way of photographing food and get inspired by these exciting platforms? We can't wait to see what you'll come up with!