[August 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “Tips”

Despite their challenging nature, flash and sports photography are two amazingly popular genres in photography. So in the "Tips" Category Ranking for August, let's take a look at how to excel in both, firstly with 4 Speedlite articles that guide you from flash photography basics to manipulations of flash intensity, high-speed sync and daytime sync. Next, explore how you can utilise the EOS 5D Mark III and 6D functions to frame and capture decisive moments in sports with 2 related articles. Find out more here.

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Countless events are unfolding every day in the world of photography and it takes particular effort to stay abreast of everything. At SNAPSHOT, we believe in braving the storm of information to handpick the most popular and relevant photography articles for you, so that you can sit back and enjoy reading the latest happenings at the tip of your fingers every week. So why wait? Take a look at our What's New articles now.

At a glance, the EOS 7D Mark II seems no different from its predecessor, but upon a close examination, you are bound for a surprise. With AF points and shooting speed far surpassing the EOS 7D, this flagship model features functions that are similar, if not, better than the EOS 1D X! Discover the revolutionary changes here.

New to the PowerShot G series family, the PowerShot G7 X is more than just compact in size! Apart from slight modifications for enhanced operability, its 1" CMOS sensor together with fast, bright lens and ND filter are also capable of producing flexible and beautiful bokeh effects. That's not all! Discover more features here.

While everyone is curious about the EOS 7D Mark II, Yukihiro Fukuda brings his curiosity to the next level by testing this new APS-C flagship with animal photography! Apart from smooth continuous shooting operations and excellent AF features, he also discovers the various benefits brought by the silent continuous shooting mode. Find out his discoveries here.

To inherit and to refine. The developers of the EOS 7D Mark II were committed in designing a camera with capabilities comparable to the EOS-1D X. But that's not all. Targeting both the passionate and professional, what they had in mind were far more ambitious. Discover the considerations behind this APS-C camera here.

Isn't it exasperating to capture reflections during indoor nightscape photo-shoots? We know how you feel! That's why with this article, we show you how you can eliminate annoying reflections almost effortlessly. From blackout curtains to placing the camera close to the window, be amazed by how easy the steps are. Read more to find out.


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