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[Babies Part 3] Capture the Milestones in Your Baby’s Growth

There are many milestones that a baby will reach as it grows up. By changing your camera settings, you will be able to take even better shots of its facial expression at each ”first time” and preserve them for posterity. (Edited by: Camera Biyori, Photos by: Shino Chikura)

Take a series of continuous shots and select the best

A baby will experience many firsts as it grows up. These include the time when it starts showing interest in things that make sounds, when it starts playing with toys, when it is able to crawl, and when it is able to hold on to something and stand up. To keep track of your baby's milestones, I recommend using the continuous shooting mode, as it is difficult even for professionals to capture decisive moments with one shot without missing them. Take many shots, and select the best ones from among them.

[POINT] Set the drive mode to “Low-speed continuous shooting”

When you set the mode to “Continuous Shooting”, the shutter is released continuously while the shutter button is being pressed, allowing you to capture movements easily. Select “Continuous Shooting” from either the Q menu or the DRIVE button, depending on your camera model. If your camera model allows you to choose the continuous shooting speed, note that as long as the movements of the baby are relatively slow, you can adequately capture its movements even at a low continuous shooting speed,. Additionally, I also recommend retaining a series of continuous shots of these movements.

"Playing with toys"

[Shooting Conditions]
Shooting location: Indoor
Lighting condition: Indoor lighting
Exposure compensation: EV+2

This is a shot of my baby touching and knocking over a stacked up toy as she tried to play with it. Such a moment can easily be taken with the continuous shooting mode. I took this shot while I lay sprawled on the floor playing with my baby. By aligning the camera at the same, low level as the baby, I managed to capture her facial expression at the decisive moment with the best possible angle. The baby’s innocent expression is what I like best about this shot.

“Fooling around with a keyboard”

[Shooting Conditions]
Shooting location: Indoor
Lighting condition: Light is shining from the left side of the screen
Exposure compensation: EV+2

Seeing a keyboard for the first time, my baby showed immense curiosity and amused herself with it. I called out to her and then took a few continuous shots the moment she turned to look at me. This was the shot I selected that had the best facial expression. In addition, I made the keyboard the highlight by taking the shot at a downward angle from above.

“Crawling baby”

[Shooting Conditions]
Shooting location: Indoor
Lighting condition: Light is shining from the left side of the screen
Exposure compensation: EV+2

This is one frame that I managed to capture after my baby climbed up a step. The pose with the buttocks sticking up and the toes on the left foot bent slightly is unbelievably cute. To not miss out on such precious moments, you may want to keep your camera close by at all times and leave behind as many continuous shots of these moments as possible.

Shino Chikura

Photographer and mother of two girls, one aged 4 and the other, a 1-year-old. After graduating from university, she went to Germany to study under Andre Rival and Ulrike Schamoni before going independent.

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