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Bring Your Photos to Life with the Canon Selphy CP1200 Compact Photo Printer

Digital photos are great – you can view them conveniently on your phone, tablet, and computer any time and anywhere. While saving them in a storage device is one way to preserve these precious memories, printing them out is another thing – a gift idea with a personal touch, a tactile keepsake, or a decorative item to your living space. With Canon Selphy CP1200 printer, you can do so with ease, thanks to its high-quality print, portability, and versatility in print sizes.

Transfer and print effortlessly

What makes the Canon Selphy CP1200 printer amazing, besides its compact size and ability to print on-the-go with the direct battery attachment (sold separately), is its ability to produce vibrant photos easily. You can transfer photos effortlessly from your camera using the SD card slot or via Wi-Fi, select your photos from the printer’s LCD screen, and then press “Print” – it’s that easy! 

Print your photos in card size labels (stickers) or postcard size

Why stick to one size when you can play with more?

The printer is compatible to various print sizes, such as postcard (100x148mm), L (89x119mm), card size (54x86mm) label (in one or eight mini stickers), and more. While card size labels come in the form of stickers, postcard size papers do not. To print a particular size, specific paper and ink cassettes have to be used (sold separately). Sticker photos, as well as the postcard size ones, serve as great materials for a scrapbook project dedicated to yourself or your loved ones.

A scrapbook project with a personal touch

To create a photo scrapbook, prepare materials such as origami papers, stickers, paper clips, washi tape, and adhesive alphabets. Print your photos in different sizes, and then decorate away!

This results in a beautiful personal scrapbook filled with happy memories. Want to learn more about how to print photos with the Canon Selphy CP1200 printer? Look no further, we’ve got a great guide here.




The SELPHY CP1200 is available in 3 colours*, Black, White, Pink.
*Check with your local distributors for availability.


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