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Canon Inspire – Take to the streets

From the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam to Bugis, Singapore, we spotlight the best of street photography on Instagram this September.

To a novice, street photography may seem like a no-brainer, comprising a series of random shots on the, well, street. In fact, that's precisely what it is, but the mark of a fantastic street shot is the story it tells and the thought that goes behind it.

You could say street photography features chance encounters and random accidents within public places. From people to buildings, tangible objects to fleeting situations, pretty much anything goes. Yet each photo is often highly unique, and with an intriguing story to share.

Making use of light from a street side stall on a dark night in an alley of the French Quarter in Vietnam.

By just getting down a bit lower to the ground gives viewers a totally new perspective.

Being quick and observant allows one to catch fleeting shots like this.

Play around with colours and shapes to play with composition.

Sometimes noise and mess can make for an eye-catching shot.

Reflective surfaces offer fresh viewpoints.

Seek out people as subjects and you can uncover millions of stories. Captured here is the community spirit during joyous Independence day celebrations.

Look out for pops of colour and unique symmetry in the ordinary.

Even people doing the mundane can make for a good picture story.


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