Canon Photo Party @ May’n ASIA TOUR 2017 「OVER∞EASY」in Taipei

The weekend of 11 and 12 March, 2017 marked the May’n ASIA TOUR 2017 「OVER∞EASY」in Taipei, which also featured the Canon Photo Party and Photo Contest. Here’s our report.

May’n ASIA TOUR 2017 「OVER∞EASY」in Taipei


The May’n ASIA TOUR 2017 「OVER∞EASY」in Taipei took place during a break in what had been a stretch of rainy days, at the Taipei Legacy Hall located within the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, a popular hangout for the locals.

It was attended by an estimated 2000 attendees in the 2 shows, one on Saturday’s evening and another on the afternoon of Sunday. The Canon Photo Party likewise attracted quite a following, reaching full subscription with over a hundred entries from eager fans and photography enthusiasts.

On the event days, participants had the opportunity to loan popular camera models such as the EOS M10 and EOS 80D and use them to take photos during the concert. This opportunity to “test run” key models has been always very popular among Canon Photo Party participants, and this time was no exception.

Photographers at the Canon Photo Party

Photographers in action during the Canon Photo Party.


On the both nights, fans were treated to a whole setlist that included May’n classics, covers of Chinese songs and her recent releases. There were a total of 20 songs including the encores, making the concert a 2 hour long extravaganza. May’n dedicated her cover of the 1994 classic, “Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to” to the Canon Photo Party participants, allowing them to freely take photos of her during the action-packed song.

During which many photos are taken, and one photo stood out. Canon Photo Party participant Zhang Jin Wen’s photo was chosen by May’n to be the winner of the Canon Photo Party Photo Contest.

Winning photo

The winning photo by Zhang Jin Wen.


May’n gave the following comment about the photo: 
[Translation: “I was quite glad to know that my expression during the concert showed how much I was really enjoying myself ☆”]

Congratulations to Mr. Zhang for taking such a nice photo and winning for himself a brand-new Canon CP1200 Selphy Printer!


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