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CES 2017 Canon Booth Report: Snaking Queues for Solidiphy’s 3D Figurine Technology

CES 2017, the world's largest consumer electronics trade show, has come and gone for yet another year. Canon not only announced the launch of the PowerShot G9 X Mark II at the event, but also unveiled the main theme of their booth, “Visionaries Welcome”. Here, various products were exhibited in addition to their cameras, which drew a large amount of interest from the visitors. Read on to find out more about Canon’s booth and the various products that were on show. (Reported by: Syohei Yamada)


“Visionaries Welcome” was the main theme

CES 2017 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada for 4 days starting from 5 January 2017. Canon had its booth in the Central Hall, as it has every year. The main theme this year was "Visionaries Welcome", aimed at people who love new things, and also to introduce visitors to future-thinking technologies.

The booth contained all manner of current and new products, including cameras as well as the EOS System and EF lenses that celebrate their 30th anniversary this year. Visitors were able to freely handle and try out the products on display. Furthermore, they were also drawn by the various technologies on display that tell the story of Canon’s long-standing traditions.

Canon EOS System celebrates 30th anniversary


Visitors testing out the EOS System and EF lenses.


More than 100 EOS cameras on hand at 3D figurine printing booth

Partner corners could be found around the spacious booth, providing services that make use of Canon technology. One such partner corner that was especially popular belonged to SOLIDIPHY. The company showcased 3D figurine technology, which involved taking more than 100 full-body shots using EOS cameras in a capsule-like studio installed in the booth. 3D data was then generated based on that data, and a 3D figurine printed for visitors on the spot. The corner saw long queues throughout the exhibition period.

3D figurines are printed based on data taken from various angles. The black circles surrounding the person in the images are EOS cameras.


Samples of 3D figurines.


Fun exploring creative poses for photographs

Visitors to the FoxTales corner had fun lying down and posing in all sorts of ways on a colourfully patterned carpet while having photos taken by a camera installed overhead. The data from the camera was printed out with a Canon printer onto a postcard, which was then presented to the visitors. Visitors actually enjoyed themselves racking their brains over what poses to make. And instead of simply getting a simple composite photograph, they were able to experience a genuine encounter between the digital and physical worlds.

A visitor deciding on a pose while looking up at the camera overhead.


Printed postcards showing unique poses.


Transforming clothes into beautiful catalogue photos

There was also the StyleShoots corner, which featured the demonstration of a total solution for capturing perfect fashion catalogue photos for e-commerce. This solution allows you to preview the image while using an iPad to freely control the background, the angle and brightness of the lighting, and an EOS to take a proper shot. It provides automation of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into everyday shopping sites.

With StyleShoots you can delete the mannequin portion and capture only the clothing in the photo.


Canon “visionaries” showcase a fusion of technology

Technology might be an unsung hero that often goes unnoticed by end-users. However, the new experiences provided by the “visionaries” such as SOLIDIPHY and FoxTales showcase a fusion of Canon's advanced technology and the new technology provided by each of the partners. And with their keen interest in such technology, as well as how they are always on the lookout for the next new thing, visitors to the show could truly be considered visionaries as well!


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Syohei Yamada

Syohei Yamada

Born in 1957 in Fukui Prefecture, Yamada is a freelance writer who contributes computer-related articles to various magazines and web media, written in his own particular style. He is engaged in various creative endeavors to spread smart life, intensively writing about mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.