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Curated: Grimes’ Tokyo IN MOTION

If a picture says a thousand words, Aaron Grimes’ photo-video IN MOTION tells a never-ending story.

24 year-old Grimes' has perhaps just made a name for himself with his dreamy video IN MOTION, made of multiple photographs stacked together to create an otherworldly video of Tokyo that is seemingly busy yet slowing down at the same time.

A freelance videographer in the United States for the past four years, film is Grimes' desired medium for storytelling, the "only artistic medium that I feel comfortable using". Although an admirer of artists who can convey a story in a single image, Grimes admits his need of "using lots of images every second."

Perhaps being in a completely new and foreign place helped Grimes to see the crowded metropolitan city in an entirely original manner, with the whole video of photographs shot in an afternoon of exploration.

By using Photoshop CC to stack multiple images together, Grimes’ video intersperses the busyness of Tokyo with moments of tranquility. As he said to Adobe: “My favourite side effect of this technique is that when people stop moving, they immediately stand out, giving the viewer something to relate to.”

To find out more about Grimes’ creative process, read more here.

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