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In Focus: Night Photography


Do you long to take nightscape photos and night snapshots, but are not sure of how to take them well? Here, we have listed all the articles related to night photography that have appeared on SNAPSHOT that you may find useful!

Long exposure photography is a method of decreasing the shutter speed to increase the exposure time, which can be used to add an air of surrealism to any photo. In this article, I will introduce a technique for this that can be used in a variety of situations. (Reported by: Yuta Nakamura)

The theme for the fourth article of this series is ISO speed. By making effective use of the ISO speed, you can capture handheld snapshots at night. This will help to broaden the scope of your photographic expression significantly. (Reported by: Yutaka Tanekiyo)

You’ve put a great deal of thought into the positioning of the main and secondary subjects. How about making it even better by considering their colours? Using nightscape shots as examples, let us see how the colours of the main and secondary subjects can affect photographic works. (Reported by: Toshinobu Hori)

In the second article of the series, we will talk about shutter speed. By learning the ways to make use of both slow and fast shutter speeds, you will be able to express the movement of the subject more freely, and your photographic experience will also be more enjoyable. (Report by: Yutaka Tanekiyo)

A shot with a beautiful night view as the backdrop captures a memorable moment of your journey. However, it is not easy to balance the brightness of the subject with that of the background. In the following, let us learn about useful techniques for taking portrait shots against a nightscape background. (Report by: Yasuhiko Kani, Model: Sayuri Kurahashi/ IARA)

If the camera you are using is one that is good for photographing at high ISO speeds, you will be able to produce clear shots in a low-light scene without causing camera shake or resulting in out-of-focus images. In this article, I will introduce some techniques for photo shoots at a night zoo. (Reported by: Toyofumi Fukuda)

Blurry images often occur when shooting night scenes or in dimly lit rooms. They occur easily in low light conditions because the shutter speed is slowed down. Here are some tips on how to prevent blurry images. (Edited by Camera Biyori, Photo by Takeshi Akaogi)

With the EOS 6D, which boasts excellent high ISO speed performance, you can capture clear shots in a dimly-lit scenes without causing camera shake or resulting in an out-of-focus image. In this article, I will introduce some tips for taking railway photos at night. (Reported by: Yuya Yamasaki)

Besides the use of a tripod for taking nightscape shots, using the self-timer and adjusting the shutter speed are also effective techniques when you want to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the camera or when you want to capture a smooth water surface. In this article, let's try to learn how to make good use of the settings to enhance your nightscape photos. (Reported by: Takuya Iwasaki)

While an observation deck allows us to enjoy taking nightscape shots without being subject to the weather conditions, care is needed to prevent reflections from appearing in the image. In this article, I will introduce techniques for capturing clear nightscape photos with some useful items. (Reported by: Takuya Iwasaki)

Nightscape photography allows you to enjoy various styles of expression by changing the camera settings. In this article, I will introduce techniques on how to capture "light rays" by using aperture value, as well as ways to express "colour" with the use of white balance. (Reported by: Takuya Iwasaki)

Nightscape photography allows you to enjoy different styles of expression by varying the camera settings. For example, "light trails" can be captured when the shutter remains open for a long time. In this article, I will explain the techniques for capturing the light trails of vehicles beautifully. (Reported by: Takuya Iwasaki)

Despite the extremely short flash duration, which is about several thousandths of a second, Canon's Speedlite is able to produce light strong enough to illuminate subjects. Therefore, when a shot is taken in low-light conditions, only the subject brightened by the flash light of the Speedlite will be captured in the image regardless of the shutter speed of the camera. This is the principle underlying the slow sync flash technique. (Reported by: Koji Ueda)

In street photography, the perfect moment is crucial when you want to capture an impressive shot. Here are some unique techniques that you can use, using the EOS 5D Mark III equipped with the highly advanced AF and shooting functions. (Reported by: Tomoko Suzuki)

When shooting nightscapes, while the use of a tripod is a must to prevent camera shake, it is also important to ensure that focus is properly established. By combining the use of a bright prime lens having a small maximum aperture with the Live View function, it will be easy to produce night shots in sharp focus. In the following, I will explain techniques to achieve precise focus using the magnified view, an indispensable function in night photography. (Reported by: Ryosuke Takahashi)

When you are taking night snaps, there are significant advantages of using a bright prime lens, which allows you to capture blur-free and sharp images. In the following, I will explain some professional techniques to bring out the excellent performance of the prime lens through examples of snap shots that include portrait subjects. After reading this article, I am sure you will grow to love photography with prime lenses even more. (Reported by: Ryosuke Takahashi)

The time of day before the velvet night sets in and after the sunset is a great time for photographers. Capture the amazing scenery of light at amusement parks or illumination of the city with your camera. This article will tell you how a professional photographer would use the EOS 100D, a DSLR camera with great low-light capability and tonal expression. Learn the techniques for fine shots of nightscapes. (Reported by: Yurika Kadoi)