In Focus: Things You Must Know About PowerShot G5 X & G9 X

Looking for more informations on the G5 X and G9 X? Here’s your one stop database of SNAPSHOT articles on these 2 premium compacts, including exclusive interviews with the development teams.


PowerShot G5 X

The PowerShot G5 X—a much-talked-about high-end compact camera that is equipped with a large 1.0-inch type image sensor and a high-performance EVF. This article features photos of the autumn seaside in Japan taken by a professional photographer who constantly stresses the importance of viewfinders and advocates that ”photos should be captured through the viewfinder of a camera”. In the following, he reports on aspects of the PowerShot G5 X including its image quality, backlight correction, and visibility of the viewfinder. (Reported by: Haruki)


The PowerShot G5 X has made its appearance on the market! With its 2.36-million dot high definition electronic viewfinder (EVF) and a design that emanates the savvy, professional vibes of a DSLR, it has garnered the attention not only of users who want a classic camera, but also of fashionistas looking for a distinctive camera that suits their style. I managed to get my hands on one, and here’s my report on its actual operational feel.(Reported by Koichi Isomura)


Equipped with a built-in EVF and a vari-angle touch screen LCD panel, the G5 X is a premium compact camera that enables you to enjoy unbridled freedom regardless of shooting style. With its large, 1.0-inch type, 20.2-megapixel image sensor, DIGIC 6 processor, bright f/1.8-2.8 aperture, and 4.2x zoom lens, it is ideal for photographers especially in low light conditions. Find out more: PowerShot G5 X


A compact camera with a large sensor and an electronic viewfinder. That’s the PowerShot G5 X. The latest addition to Canon’s premium compact series, it also has an assortment of dials and controls that will surely appeal to photography geeks. In this new series of Developer’s Interviews, we gain insight into the aims and objectives of the developers of the PowerShot G5 X. Part 1 kicks off the series with a focus on the built-in EVF, which has received much positive review for the good viewing experience it gives. What are some of the secrets behind it? Read on to find out.


There are few compact cameras out there that are not only easy to use but also allow you to take photos the way you envision. One of them is the PowerShot G5 X, which, with its EVF and assortment of dials, seeks to realise high operability worthy of its membership in the Canon premium compact series. In Part 2 of our interview series, we look at what the developers did in their efforts to achieve just that.


PowerShot G9 X

Packed with a large 1.0-inch type image sensor in a sleek body design that weighs 209g, the PowerShot G9 X is a high-end compact camera with high image quality that can accompany you anywhere you go. As I was given the opportunity to get my hands on the actual camera, I would like to present a detailed report on its appearance and functions. (Reported by Takeshi Ohura)


Secreting a large sensor within a slim build, the PowerShot G9 X is one premium compact camera that promises astounding image quality amid its handy size. Let’s hear what the developers have to say about the users they had in mind, as well as about the camera’s newly developed operational features.


Particular attention was paid to the body design of the PowerShot G9 X, and the developers had a new challenge in ensuring that the grip did not ruin the slim design, but yet could be held onto firmly. They tell us more about this, as well as reveal the secret behind the camera’s image quality, powerfully different from that of smartphones.


The PowerShot G9 X packs a 1.0-inch type, 20.2-megapixel sensor and a 3x zoom in a sleek body design that weighs 209g. The simplicity of its design carries over to its operability, with a control ring to complement the touch panel. Between these two elements, a user can easily control the camera settings and make adjustments quickly and efficiently.
Find out more: PowerShot G9 X


A compact camera equipped with a 1.0-inch type image sensor, the PowerShot G9 X is Canon’s new PowerShot G model and the lightest and most compact to date. In this article, I will talk about its most appealing characteristics with the use of example shots. (Reported by: Kazuo Nakahara)


Pocket-sized and equipped with a 1.0-inch type image sensor, the PowerShot G9 X allows you to capture high-definition images anytime, anywhere. In this article, I will test the capabilities of the camera through actual street snaps. (Reported by: Kazuo Nakahara)


The PowerShot G9 X–power in a sleek, sophisticated package. Watch this video to learn more about this new member of Canon’s premium G-series!



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