[July 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “Products Review”

We all know that lenses have a direct influence on picture quality and that's one of the reasons why in our Products Review for July, camera lenses are occupying a large portion of the list. With 6 lens-related articles to choose from, let's set forth your reading journey with the article on the birth of EF lenses. Witness how the EF Lens series took flight in 1987 and discover the innovations they bring to photography. Explore the possibilities you can achieve with camera lenses and more now.

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With cameras and photography knowledge so common today, having the latest shooting tips will definitely give you an edge over others. At SNAPSHOT, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends in photography so that we can share with you the latest happenings in the photography world. Check out our What's New articles to find out more now!

The transition of cameras from film into digital was a challenge for the EOS lenses. Demands for prevention ranging from internal reflections to camera shakes surfaced unexpectedly in the coming of a higher-resolution era, paving the way for technologies such as Subwavelength Structure Coating, Image Stabilizer (IS), hybrid IS and stepping motors, bringing about the evolution of the EOS lenses. Find out more about these innovations here.

Though easy to use, smartphone cameras have their limitations. In this article, let us take a look at the zooming effects and shooting capabilities of both smartphone cameras and the EOS M, and determine how differently they behave under circumstances such as backlight and low-light conditions. Find out more now.

How to capture beautiful light rays from street lamps and amazing colours at night? Just change your aperture and white balance! Find out how to enhance the effect of light rays by changing the aperture value and how to map different colour tones by adjusting the temperature. Learn how to do them here.

Taking magical photos of yourself is now as easy as changing your camera settings! Find out how you can capture your movement on camera with long exposure photos. Soon, you'll be taking photos with the most surreal effects. Learn how to do so now!

As an avid photographer and aspiring photojournalist, Geng Hui Tan has managed to tell numerous stories through his photographs over the years. Find out more about his passion for photography as well as the stories he's told through his photos in the latest Member Spotlight article now.


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