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[Lesson 12] Differences between EOS M and Smartphone Cameras

In Lesson 12, I will explain the differences between the EOS M and smartphone cameras. If you intend to start using a mirrorless camera, or have just purchased a new camera, this series of articles provide easy-to-understand lessons on techniques for capturing charming photos using the EOS M, which boasts high image quality and simple operability. By learning the basics of cameras and photos, you will be able to produce the shots you want easily! (Photos by: Takeshi Akaogi, Written & Organized by: Camera Biyori Editorial Department)

Q: In what ways is the EOS M different from smartphone cameras?

A: While smartphone cameras are handy for day-to-day use, the resulting quality are low especially when you are taking zoom shots or photographing in low-light condition. With the EOS M camera, however, you can produce satisfactory shots without having to worry about these issues.

Comparison of Zoom Effects

In the following images, we will be comparing the depiction of details in a zoom shot taken on a EOS M and a smartphone camera.





Details of the steel structure are sharply and vividly reproduced.


Details of the steel structure are not clearly identifiable.

Leaves under Backlight




The outline of the leaves and light that penetrates through them are clearly reproduced.


Areas where the leaves overlap with each other appear crushed.

Comparison of Low-light Shots

Finally, we will be comparing the difference in shots taken in low-light condition on a EOS M and a smartphone camera.



Colours are naturally reproduced with little graininess.


The white-coloured flowers appear greenish, and graininess is observed throughout the entire image.

Canon's first mirrorless camera, the EOS M, comes in four colour variations (black, red, white, and silver) so you can pick your favourite!

Takeshi Akaogi

As a photographer, Akaogi works mainly for magazines and writes books introducing photography and practical tips. He also teaches at photography workshops.

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