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[Lesson 13] Creative Filter

Creative Filters allow you to add a unique touch to your photos, so you are encouraged to make good use of them to enhance your creativeness. The types of Creative Filter effects available vary according to the camera model. (Reported by: Ryosuke Takahashi)

7 Types of Creative Filters Available

Each of the seven types of Creative Filter effects has its own characteristics, and changes the impression of the photo dramatically. To apply an effect after you have taken a photo, simply follow the instructions of the "Creative Filters" item in the Playback 1 menu.
If you have applied a Creative Filter effect in real time during Live View shooting, the original data without the effect will not be saved. However, if the effect is applied after an image is captured, the resulting image will be saved as a separate file. You are encouraged to try out the different Creative Filters. It is also possible to apply the effects to a photo that has already been applied with a Creative Filter. With this feature, you might be able to rediscover the lure of the subject.

Press the Q button on the rear of the camera during Live View shooting to display the Quick Control menu. Select the "Creative Filters" icon followed by an effect, and you can check the effect in real time.

Types of Creative Filters

Grainy B/W

Produces a monochrome image with a grainy effect that is stronger compared to conventional black-and-white photos, which enhances the contrast.

Soft focus

Produces a soft depiction of the entire image that resembles the effect of a soft focus filter using an optical glass, as if the image was covered in a thin veil.

Fish-eye effect

Creates an effect as if the centre of the image is protruding, and an impression that is completely different from the original photo.

Art bold effect

Expresses the subject with a stately touch that is similar to an oil painting. The overall saturation of the image is increased, with a thick outline resembling that drawn by a paint brush.

Water painting effect

Highlights the outline, while expressing the image in a pale tone that is reminiscent of water paintings. The atmosphere created by this effect is a cross between a photo and an illustration, and is suited for snapshots and still objects.

Toy camera effect

Reproduces the image in unique colours, as if the photo was captured by a toy camera. Light fall-off occurs at the peripheral areas of the image and saturation is low like a faded photo print, adding to it a retro atmosphere.

Miniature effect

Changes the position of the point in focus, creating an effect that resembles that of a miniature model. With this effect, you can enjoy unique photographic expression with the area around the point in focus blurred.

Creative Filter effects can be superimposed

You can superimpose a filter on a photo that has already been applied with a Creative Filter effect. To do so, select "Creative Filters" in the Playback 1 menu, followed by selecting a photo that has already been applied with a Creative Filter effect. The image can be saved as a new file after the effect is superimposed, so you can retry as many times as you like without overwriting the original image.

Ryosuke Takahashi

Born in Aichi in 1960, Takahashi started his freelance career in 1987 after working with an advertising photo studio and a publishing house. Photographing for major magazines, he has travelled to many parts of the world from his bases in Japan and China. Takahashi is a member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS).