[Nov 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “Products Review”

The best decisions are informed decisions! To this end, we've prepared 7 articles on the ever-popular 7D Mark II in this week's "Products Review" Category Ranking for November so you too can find out the reasons behind its popularity. There's also a Visual Review article on the high-end and compact G7X that will leave you wishing you had one too! Check them out now!

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What's New

What's a photographer without a little inspiration and imagination? Here at SNAPSHOT, we are dedicated to sourcing out the latest news and articles each week so that you don't have to. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments right at your fingertips and be inspired to take ever better pictures! Check out What's New now.

Ever wanted to capture spectacular shots of animals at night but find that your images end up out of focus? Learn more about how you can rely on your camera's high ISO speed to shoot beautifully clear animal photos and reveal a different side to them. Read this article now!

Photos of dark scenes are blurry because the camera's shutter speed is slowed down to compensate for the lighting conditions. So how you can prevent this? Find out in this first part of our FAQ aimed at helping you resolve your photography queries.

Keen to delve deeper into photography but confused by all the terms? Kick-start your journey into advanced photography with this article that will introduce and explain some of the terms that you'll come across. Soon, you'll be using photography lingo just like the pros!

See how convenient it is to link your Canon camera with Cloud to the Canon Image Gateway in this easy-to-understand guide. Upload and share your favourite photos wirelessly no matter where you are so that your friends and family can share in those moments with you!

One reason for the popularity of the EOS-1 is the design of its body. Learn more about the secret behind its perfect integration of function with design and also the cutting-edge technologies packed into this camera that have made it a firm favourite with professional users everywhere.


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