[Nov 2014] SNAPSHOT Monthly Ranking

It's time to welcome the new in our Monthly Ranking for November! This week, we've got a new lineup of product-related articles with 6 that are guaranteed to bring greater insight into the G7 X and 7D Mark II cameras and leave you wanting more. Also check out our review of the new EF lens and see the wonders you can achieve with it. With so many exciting new articles this week, get started on them now!

Top 10 Ranking

What's New

What's a photographer without a little inspiration and imagination? Here at SNAPSHOT, we are dedicated to sourcing out the latest news and articles each week so that you don't have to. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments right at your fingertips and be inspired to take ever better pictures! Check out What's New now.

Ever wanted to create awesome and dramatic evening shots but the conditions never seem right? In this article, learn more about how you can capture golden sunsets and the darkness of the approaching evening simply by choosing the right shooting locations and selecting the right camera settings.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into creating the original short film "Cello". Check out how the seamless and smooth scene transitions were captured with the excellent Movie Servo AF and AF tracking functions. Be inspired to create your own breathtaking videos!

To capture truly stunning professional images, understanding your lenses and their characteristics is key. Learn more about the unique properties of wide-angle, standard and telephoto lenses as well as the photo compositions that you can use to fully use them to your advantage. Check this article out now!

Photography isn't just about having good cameras and lenses. Having the right printer is just as important. See how the PIXMA PRO-100 renders vivid images with its 8-colour dye inks, as well as WiFi capability that allows for photos to be printed at your convenience. Watch this video now!

Looking for a new lightweight DSLR? Read this review on the newly introduced EOS 100D and 700D cameras. Check out how you can be taking surprising perfect pictures wherever you are with features such as Creative Filters, high burst rates and much more! Read this article now!


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