[Oct 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “For Beginners”

In photography, the key to unlocking new knowledge lies with the basics. So in this week's "For Beginners" Category Ranking for October, let's start our explorations with 9 DSLR related articles from the list! Search through different camera parts and functions to discover new tricks you can do with your DSLR! Then, refresh your memory with our popular EOS M article and rediscover various helpful settings to improve your shooting experience. Read more now.

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Camera and skills make a good shot, but a source of inspiration is equally important for an amazing image. At SNAPSHOT, we dedicate ourselves to curate the latest quality articles for photographers, all for the purpose of improving their knowledge, skills and ultimately, inspire them into composing unique pictures that can withstand the trials of time. Check them out now.

The PowerShot SX60 HS offers much more to its users than just the 65x optical zoom feature! From a satisfying grip to Framing Assist buttons and auto zoom settings, be prepared to fall in love with this handy camera through our introductory article. Check it out now.

For someone who plays football himself, professional photographer Rungroj Yongrit's stint with sports photography means the best of both worlds for him. 10 years and going on, his passion remains strong as he continues to translate sports actions into impactful images. Check out his amazing shots along with our short interview now.

Guess what? There is more to standard lens than reproducing normal images! By changing its image composition, you can capture different artful pictures that can invoke a sense of intrigue and spark imagination! Check out this article for our guide to unleashing the full potential of your standard lenses now.

What can we do when a single flash is not enough to produce our desired effects? Multi-flash of course! With a little practice, utilising multiple flash units to capture images of professional grade just gets easier and easier. Check out our detailed guide and craft the perfect shot of your choice now.

With an all-round shutter button and a flip-up screen, the compact-sized PowerShot N2 is probably the best gift for selfie-fanatics! Coupled with its creative shots settings, you can capture a huge variety of photos with completely different effects! Check out this video to know more about this amazing camera now.


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