[Oct 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “Products Review”

The EOS 7D Mark II continues its stunning start in this week's Category Ranking "Products Review" for October! With Developer's Interviews ranking in the top 4, learn more about how it all began as we uncover the painstaking work that went into the development of the 7D Mark II. Then find out more about the fascinating interaction between man and nature in wild bird photography with the 7D Mark II from our popular reviews. Discover the endless possibilities of the 7D Mark II with these articles now!

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What's New

Camera and skills make a good shot, but a source of inspiration is equally important for an amazing image. At SNAPSHOT, we dedicate ourselves to curate the latest quality articles for photographers, all for the purpose of improving their knowledge, skills and ultimately, inspire them into composing unique pictures that can withstand the trials of time. Check them out now.

5 years after a decisive switch from commercial to sports photography, professional photographer Jeremy Lee shares the initial driving factors and experiences he has gained in our mini-interview. Find out more about the challenges he has faced as well as his own tips for shooting various types of sports in the article now.

Freezing fast moving objects in their tracks at night is totally different from doing so in the day! In this comprehensive guide, check out how you can manipulate different functions to conquer "blurry" restrictions and capture fast-moving trains in the dark. Follow the steps and take your stunning photographs now!

Did you know? Not all Image Stabilizer (IS) features are the same! With different IS mechanisms, modes and even types, IS systems in cameras and lenses can reduce camera shakes in completely different ways. That's not all! Learn more about the other functions of different IS systems in this article now.

Photographs can serve to eternalise important moments in our lives with our loved ones. In this article, seasoned parent photographers share their experiences and tips in capturing precious moments in the growth of their children. Learn more about how you can capture these moments too in the article now.

"Picture Style" allows you to change the style of your photographs to suit the expression that you would like to convey. In this complete guide to "Picture Style", check out the 7 different styles that you can choose from in your DSLR to achieve your desired effect. Read on now!


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