[Oct 2014] SNAPSHOT Category Ranking “Tips”

Flash photography is more than just lighting up your night shots! In this week's Category Ranking "Tips" for October, master the basics with 3 popular Speedlite articles. Then learn the secrets to producing spectacular night shots with 4 articles on Nightscape Photography Techniques. With these tips and more to help you up your game, you'll soon be on your way to achieving your very own stunning images.

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Camera and skills make a good shot, but a source of inspiration is equally important for an amazing image. At SNAPSHOT, we dedicate ourselves to curate the latest quality articles for photographers, all for the purpose of improving their knowledge, skills and ultimately, inspire them into composing unique pictures that can withstand the trials of time. Check them out now.

Wouldn't you like to capture your child's every precious moment? In this article, learn from seasoned parent photographers as they offer tips on bringing out the best expressions at each stage of your child's growth. Never miss another picture-perfect moment by checking out this article now.

A battery grip is more than just another accessory for your camera. From extending your camera's battery life to allowing you greater stability in any direction, the battery grip can do so much more. Learn more about the numerous benefits of this handy accessory in this comprehensive article.

Say goodbye to the days of carrying numerous lenses. With the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II, the premium compact camera, breathtaking DSLR-like image quality can be yours, all with just one lens, and at the push of a button. Watch this video to learn more!

As the official photographer for ONE FC (Asia's largest MMA organisation), Cheryl Tay loves the challenge of capturing the speed and power of the human body from her own vantage point by the ring. Learn how she captures the uncertainty and explosive action of MMA in this article now!

What makes a picture romantic? To EOS World member Wan Yee, it is when the image is able to tug at the heartstrings. In this article, follow her as she photographs for a wedding and defines romance in photos. Learn how to capture images that will touch your heart here.


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