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[Part 4] An Ease of Use Inherited from EOS Cameras


The PowerShot G3 X - the new premium compact camera that unites high image resolution with high zoom magnification. In the 4th installation of this series that shares with you the appeal of the camera with stories of its development, our theme centres on ’usability’. Let's unravel the secrets behind its ease-of-use and menu UIs, both of which inherit the same philosophies behind EOS cameras.

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UI development

ICP Development Center 3

Staff Engineer

Koji Sudo

"An abundance of controls and the same UI as EOS achieves comfortable operations."

By arranging various dials, rings, and buttons, intuitive settings are possible with direct controls

- What are the features of operations on the PowerShot G3 X?

Sudo The PowerShot G3 X is equipped with many direct controls such as an exposure dial, continuous ring, main dial, and a controller wheel. When you are trying to shoot great photos, being able to control focus and exposure intuitively is important, so sufficient attention was made to ensure that controls for adjusting focus and brightness are easy to use. In addition to these, an AF/MF switching button, AF and Drive buttons for setting one-shot AF and servo AF, and an AE lock button, etc. are included, so without having to call up the menu screen you can make desired setting changes with the controls arranged on the camera. As a result, the controls are also similar to EOS, so users who normally use EOS cameras can use the familiar controls for stress-free shooting.

In addition, even when an electronic viewfinder is attached, we also concentrated on making it possible to make changes without looking away from the viewfinder while focusing on the subject.

The camera has many direct controls such as the mode dial and exposure compensation dial. As the menu screens use the same UI as that on EOS cameras, those switching over from EOS cameras will find them very familiar to handle.

Equipped with a UI similar to EOS that is a first on a compact camera

- Are there any points with EOS users in mind?

Sudo We anticipate that the PowerShot G3 X will be used as a sub camera by many EOS users in a variety of situations. Because of this, the PowerShot G3 X is equipped with a UI similar to EOS, in consideration of making it possible to switch from an EOS camera and operate without discomfort. This is the first time that the functional EOS UI such as the menu screen and Q settings was implemented on a compact camera.

Existing compact camera














PowerShot G3 X




Following the EOS menu UI in pursuit of functionality.



The function menu was changed from Func. to Q, it was modified to be similar to the EOS UI configuration.


Silent components are used, ensuring a high level of operability even during movie shooting

- How are the operations when shooting movies?

Sudo A manual movie mode is included on the PowerShot G3 X, making it possible to control the exposure or focus while shooting movies. In order to respond to these specifications, buttons and rings were silenced, and designs were implemented making comfortable image creation possible through direct operations without looking away from the viewfinder when shooting. Operations are also possible with the touch panel of course, so it is possible to shoot with the style that best suits the shooting scene.

On this camera, you can record movies at specific ISO speeds and aperture value as well as carry out operations with the touch screen panel. The lens barrel comes with a large continuous ring which allows you to smoothly fine tune your focal points using manual focus.

You can match various shooting scenes by customizing the controls freely

- What kind of operability does Canon put emphasis on?

Sudo Canon has continued to manufacture products for many years as a camera manufacturer, emphasis is placed on operability with the actions necessary for shooting in mind. For example, on the PowerShot G3 X the MF button was placed on the lens barrel where it can be switched intuitively, and at the same time, a shortcut button on the back of the camera can also be assigned.

This is because we envisioned users shooting from low angles making use of the LCD monitor tilted up. With all kinds of users' ideas and shooting scenes in mind, operability that makes the optimum customization possible is maintained.

Pressing the MF button on the lens barrel will allow you to switch to manual focus mode. If you are going to use the tiltable display screen to take low angle shots, it's also possible to configure one of the shortcut buttons at the back of the body to take on the function of the MF button. This ability for users to customize controls according to their shooting styles is also one of the advantages of the PowerShot G3 X.


- Can you tell us how the PowerShot G3 X’s operability excels according to specific scenes?

Sudo When photographing wild birds and the Tv mode is used for example, the main dial can be used to change the shutter speed. Also, by assigning AF lock to the shortcut button, it is possible to switch pre-focus on and off. Regarding switching to continuous shooting, or switching between servo AF and one-shot AF, as AF and DRIVE buttons are included just like midrange and higher EOS models, it is possible to quickly make changes with just one touch.

In addition, during macro shooting of flowers when minute focus adjustments are necessary, intuitive focus adjustment is possible with the continuous ring. By operating from the menu, the same full time manual focus as EOS can be set. As peaking display and magnified view are also possible, they are extremely useful for refined focus adjustments.

- What is the appeal of the PowerShot G3 X?

Sudo As a matter of fact, wild bird photography is a hobby of mine, and on my days off I take my EOS-1D X to go out and photograph kingfishers. I use a telephoto EF lens when shooting, but just the same, there are some scenes that just cannot be photographed. While out in the mountains there might be beautiful flowers blooming, and sometimes you encounter some cute animals, etc. The PowerShot G3 X was developed with the idea that it would be useful to have a compact camera like this in your camera bag when coming across scenes like this. As an individual user, I investigated things like “Wouldn’t it be great to have operations like this” during the production, and I believe that the users will also be satisfied.