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[Question 2] I’m tired of my usual compositions! What should I do?

So you’ve recently noticed that all your pictures look alike with the same composition. The trick to resolving such a concern is to pay attention to the arrangement of the subjects and the blank spaces created. Let's learn about typical compositions here. (Edited by Camera Biyori, Photographer Marisa Shimamoto, Model Meimei Kikuchi)

A: Try changing the composition

Camera Settings

Any mode will do.

Place the subject in the centre

Having the subject in the centre of the picture provides a sense of stability. This is also used when you want to make the subject stand out.

Create a blank space

By creating blank space around the subject, the photo will feel wider and you can easily create a distinctive impression.

Take up the photography challenge!

Take note of the blank spaces when shooting

Shot of a chandelier, plant, or coffee cup taken with consideration of the blank spaces around the subject. Distinctive photos with a story can be taken easily.

Tips on how to compose a picture

Use the grid lines

Select “Grid 1″ that divides the horizontal and vertical into 3 equal sections under “Grid’ in the menu screen.

A grid will be displayed on the LCD screen. Depending on the model, there are cameras which can display grid lines in the viewfinder as well.


Take note of the horizontal and vertical axes as well


Horizontal and vertical axes of the subject are maintained

Use the grid lines when you want to maintain the horizontal and vertical axes. This is also effective when you want to graphically crop the picture.

Marisa Shimamoto

Shimamoto is a professional photographer who studied abroad in America after graduating from senior high school. After taking up photography in San Francisco, she returned to Japan in 2005 where she currently shoots for magazines, advertisements, CD covers etc.

Camera Biyori

Camera Biyori is a Japanese photography magazine introducing charming photos and daily joy with cameras. Suggesting fun activities relating to cameras and photography, Camera Biyori editorial department also offer the "Camera Biyori Photography School" to recommend its readers to engage in photography and have fun.

Published by Daiichi Progress Inc.


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