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[Question 6] The mood isn’t what I expected! What should I do?

Try changing the "Saturation" and "Contrast" settings to adjust the vividness of the colours and the difference in the brightness and colours if you are concerned about your photo finishing, such as when your photos don't look as lively and colourful as you like. You will be able to better achieve the desired effect. (Edited by Camera Biyori, Photos by: Yuji Ogura)

A1: Changing the vividness with “Colour Saturation”

Change the Colour Saturation by going to Picture Style in the menu screen. Pressing “+” increases the saturation while pressing “-” decreases it.

Camera Settings

P: Program Auto, Av: Aperture-Priority AE, Tv: Shutter Speed-Priority AE

Changing the Saturation

To make the colours more vivid,
→Increase the saturation
To make the colours more subdued
→Decrease the saturation

A2: Changing the vividness with Contrast

Change the Contrast by going to Picture Style in the menu screen. The difference in brightness and colour becomes more pronounced if you press “+” and less if you press “-”.

Camera Settings

P: Program Auto, Av: Aperture-Priority AE, Tv: Shutter Speed-Priority AE

Changing the Contrast

To create a sharper and more solid impression
→Increase the contrast
To create a softer and soothing impression
→Decrease the contrast

Take up the photography challenge!

Change the saturation and contrast to match the mood of the subject!
Shot with Saturation +3, Contrast +2

A luminescent jellyfish shining in light. The saturation and contrast is increased to achieve a sharper, more vivid image.

Shot with Saturation -1, Contrast -3

The saturation and contrast is decreased to achieve a gentler effect.

Shot with Saturation +3, Contrast -4

Increase the saturation to reproduce a lively feel of the toys.

Yuji Ogura

Ogura's work in photography expands from shooting photographic works to development and printing films. He is one of the tutors at the "Camera Biyori Photography School". He started his career as an engineer at a film laboratory and later establishes his own "mogu camera" lab. He also runs the "mogu sun" portrait studio.

Camera Biyori

Camera Biyori is a Japanese photography magazine introducing charming photos and daily joy with cameras. Suggesting fun activities relating to cameras and photography, Camera Biyori editorial department also offer the "Camera Biyori Photography School" to recommend its readers to engage in photography and have fun.

Published by Daiichi Progress Inc.


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