Rilakkuma's adventure with the EOS M10

EOS M10 x Rilakkkuma
EOS M10 x Rilakkkuma - Exclusive Rilakkuma Plush

Toytravel (Nui-dori) is the art of toy photography where toys imitate life; social photographers inject creativity and fun into their everyday adventures with a chosen toy or figurine – from a figurine in a bowl of cereal, to a stuffed toy strapped in an airline seat, the possibilities are hilarious and endless.

To inspire creativity among social media users, Canon teamed up with the well-loved Rilakkuma to spark a #Toytravel trend through the launch of a special edition EOS M10 box set, bundled with a limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy.*

Follow Rilakkuma’s adventure with the EOS M10 on this space and stand a chance to bring home your very own EOS M10 camera along with a Rilakkuma plush doll!

*Promo valid for a limited time only. Availability differs according to your country so check out your local retail outlet for more information!

Canon EOS M10 x Rilakkuma™ – Beach #ToyTravel
Canon EOS M10 x Rilakkuma™ – Cafe #ToyTravel
Canon EOS M10 x Rilakkuma™ – Carnival #ToyTravel
Canon EOS M10 x Rilakkuma™ – Yoga #ToyTravel
EOS M10 x Rilakkkuma Toy Travel Challenge

Participate in all 3 of our themed challenges, and stand to win an EOS M10 x Rilakkuma box set plus a giant Rilakkuma plush doll!

How to participate


EOS M10 x Rilakkkuma Theme 1

FOOD - Extended till 2016-07-08!


EOS M10 x Rilakkkuma Theme 2



EOS M10 x Rilakkkuma Theme 3


#ToyTravel Challenge Winners



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Own the perfect travelling companion

EOS M10 Kit (EF-M15-45mm)

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EOS M10 Kit II (EF-M15-45mm & EF-M22mm)

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EOS M10 Kit III (EF-M15-45mm & EF-M55-200mm)

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