SNAPSHOT Christmas Ranking

We are rounding off the year with our specially curated SNAPSHOT Christmas Ranking! Starting with everyone's favourite gift this season: the EOS 7D Mark II! Check out the camera's chart-topping trailer to find out what everyone's raving about. There's also a compilation article that will make you wish you had a 7D Mark II. Check them out now!

Top 10 Ranking

What's New

The best decisions are informed decisions! To this end, we've prepared 7 articles on the ever-popular 7D Mark II in this week's "Products Review" Category Ranking for November so you too can find out the reasons behind its popularity. There's also a Visual Review article on the high-end and compact G7X that will leave you wishing you had one too! Check them out now!

A battery grip is more than an extra power source for your camera. In part 2 of this series, find out how the battery grip can help you take pictures more stably and conveniently, as well as provide better ergonomics during shooting.

Follow professional photographer Justin Mott as he shows off the stunning capabilities of the EOS 7D Mark II in this video shot entirely using the camera. Witness the speed and response of the dual pixel CMOS sensor that will have you shooting both photos and videos at high quality.

Find yourself re-using the same old compositions? Shake things up with this article by learning how to arrange your subjects as well as create blank spaces around them. Soon, you'll be shooting distinctive shots with ease that tell your own story. Check this out now!

Let EOS World member Foo Suon Chang take you on a journey into DSLR macro photography. Learn more about the various settings used to shoot alluring images of flowers up close, including the creative use of camera settings to deliver unexpectedly appealing shots. Find out more now!

Not sure how to capture dynamic shots up close? Discover how in this article as we give you tips on the technique, angle and settings to use when shooting with a macro lens. You'll soon be shooting captivating and dynamic images of the world up close like a pro!


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