SNAPSHOT Nightscape Photo Ranking

Shooting in the night has always been a challenge! To help you master night photography, we have curated several popular "Nightscape" themed articles for our SNAPSHOT Nightscape Ranking this week! Learn how to reduce reflections, create light trails and rays at night in 3 nightscape articles. If that's not enough, we will share tips on how to make use of your prime lens to harvest sharper and clearer photos under low-light conditions. Now are you ready for the night?!

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What's New

New photography articles are always being written, but here at What's New, we place our focus on writings that seek to empower, and ultimately, enrich your shooting experience. With this in mind, we are constantly on the lookout every week for the latest quality reads. Satisfy your hunger for photography with our fine selection now. Read more here.

To unlock the full potential of the new EOS 7D Mark II, we must first understand it better. As such, we've devoted ourselves to gather various articles about this amazing camera, all under one roof for your reading convenience. Check out this comprehensive guide now.

The EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM and the EF-S10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM lenses are not your run-off-the-mill gadgetries. Equipped with IS units and aspherical lens elements, these ultra-wide-angle lenses can expand your camera's shooting horizon while improving its peripheral image quality. Find out more about them here.

There's more to morning shots than just sunrises! By considering factors ranging from field depth to colours, you can reproduce the tranquillity and sweetness of mornings through cityscape and landscape shots. Check out this article filled with great tips for morning photography.

Oh, how fast babies grow! As a parent, don't you want to capture every precious moment of your cute babies? To help you capture all these moments, we've compiled several tips from fellow parent photographers in this concise article! Capture the moments now!

From reproducing slow and fast actions, to capturing even the finest movements, the EOS 7D Mark II's video functions are far greater than they seem. Check out its performance in this video now.


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