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Unboxing the Canon EOS 800D

If you are a first-time DSLR user, there may be certain camera features, parts, and accessories that you might find unfamiliar. From the proper way of attaching lenses to your camera body, securing the camera strap, to the camera’s various shooting modes, get a head start on these details as we unbox the new Canon EOS 800D for you.

What’s in the Box

What comes in the box as you purchase a EOS 800D, is more than just a camera body. It comes with a camera lens (not available in camera body-only purchase), battery, charger and cable, warranty cards, camera manual, and camera strap. Every item inside the box serves a purpose, and knowing each of its function will help smoothen the process of understanding your camera.

Basic Camera Setup and Functions

Before learning how to use your camera, it is important to know the basic setups and the proper handling of a camera. After you have done so, you can then marvel at the brilliance of the EOS 800D – its powerful imaging system, functions and user-friendliness designs that are perfect for photography enthusiasts.

It is now easier than ever to capture high quality images with the new EOS 800D, which comes with a host of features that are clearly explained with attractive graphics on screen for each of the camera shooting mode.

Boasting a powerful system that consists of an APS-C sized 24.2-megapixel sensor, EOS 800D allows you to capture details clearer even in challenging conditions such as photographing fast-moving subjects or in low light. In addition, it has a 6 frame per second continuous shooting capability, which means you’ll be able to capture fleeting moments and not miss out on anything. Find out more about the camera in the video below.

The EOS 800D is a great camera for beginners and photography enthusiasts, and if you need more persuasion, here are three more reasons why you would need one. For a detailed camera explanation, refer to the EOS 800D review with sample images, or learn the basics of photography by understanding the camera’s various shooting modes such as Program, Shutter Priority, and Aperture Priority.


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