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Flash Techniques #2: Using the Built-in Flash Caused My Subject’s Face to Turn Out Too Bright. Now What?

For dark indoor scenes, the face of the subject may be unnaturally illuminated when you use the...

Tips & Tutorials

Architecture Photography from a Different Perspective

Make it your goal to look at the world from a different perspective this new year....

Tips & Tutorials

Food Photography and Styling Hacks

Hack your way to mouth-watering food snaps with these tips from food photographer, Bene Tan....

Tips & Tutorials

Decisions in Landscape Photography: Whether or Not to Include the Sun in the Frame

To include, or not include the sun in the image—that is the question that many photographers find...

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EOS 5D Mark IV: A Review in Pictures (1) – Exterior Design

The EOS 5D series, which has won support from a wide range of users, now has a new member added to...


Night Photography with the EOS 5D Mark IV: A Professional Photographer’s Impressions

How does the EOS 5D Mark IV, with its much hyped high ISO speed performance, fare in night...

Tips & Tutorials

Camera Basics #2: Shutter Speed

When taking photographs, you want to have a good grasp of shutter speed and its effects on your...

Tips & Tutorials

Camera FAQ #22: How Do I Make Sports Photographs Look More Dynamic?

Have you ever tried to “freeze” a moment when taking a photograph of sports, but ended up with a...


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