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CP+2017 Report: EOS M6, EOS 77D Among Canon’s Exhibits

CP+2017 , this year’s instalment of the “World Premiere Show for Camera and Photo Imaging”...

Tips & Tutorials

Photographing Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Scenic Spots & Pro Photography Tips (2)

Following on from Part 1, this article introduces more famous cherry blossom viewing spots—this...

Photographer's Blog

Commercial Photography: An Interview with Alvin Tan

Commercial photographer Alvin Tan talks about his work and thoughts on the new EOS 5D Mark IV...

Tips & Tutorials

Learning Minimalist Photography in Architecture with Chan Dick

Photographer Chan Dick shares his tips on minimalist photography and shows a different perspective....

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My Canon Story

Share your Canon stories,
experience and tips.

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Tips & Tutorials

Camera Basics #5: ISO Speed

ISO speed plays an equally important role as aperture and shutter speed in its effect on exposure....


EF24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Review: Testing Out Lens in Street Photography

Boasting overwhelming popularity ever since its debut in conjunction with the first-generation EOS...


Guide to New Features on the EOS M5 #5: Panning Mode and BULB shooting

With the EOS M5, shooting is made even easier with features such as Panning mode and bulb exposures...


Guide to New Features on the EOS M5 #4: Servo AF

One Shot AF and Servo AF are available as AF modes for the EOS M5. In this article I will explain...


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