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Time to eat...

By marc_henauer

EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM




f 6.7

Shutter Speed

1/125 sec

Exposure Compensation

0.5 EV

Prey and predator, biodiversity and the food chain. In the blue Pacific near the coast of the island of Guadalupe in Mexico, I made a series of photos of the great white shark when suddenly I saw a sea lion on the right at the corner of my eye . And it was an unexpected meeting, the sea lion face to face with his worst enemy. How did the story end? Opposite to a tragic obviousness, the shark dont eated the cute animal. Very fast and dexterous, the sea lion swam around the predator and bited his fins before going back to the surface. The shark seemed afraid by this strange situation and go down to the abyss to find the peace. Only the babies sea lions are a prey for great white sharks. The adults are to fast and smart for him.


I am Freediver, experienced scuba diver and award-winning and published photographer by National Geographic, I explore the world and combine my different passions to show my vision of adventure spirit.