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Black-Crowned Night Herons

By HirishGowda

Canon EOS 80D


EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM




f 2.8

Shutter Speed

1/500 sec

Exposure Compensation

0.66666666666667 EV

Black-Crowned Night Herons are relatively small as far as herons go. They have shorter legs than some of their other heron counterparts, and lack the characteristic long curved neck. This species stands about two feet tall, and weigh around two pounds. Their plumage feathers is gray and black, and their eyes are bright red. On the tops of their heads and backs, their feathers are nearly black, while their sides are gray and their undersides are cream colored.


From clicking pictures on a phone camera to capturing and seizing live moments through camera lens. The aspiration of a hidden talented novice photographer has grown up to be a professional wildlife photographer.