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Yedigöller The Black Sea region begins east of Istanbul in Bolu, whose centerpiece is Yedigoller (Yedigöller) or Seven Lakes National Park. With a climate that produces multi-colored forests of oak, alder, pine and hazelnut, the park entices visitors to travel through all four seasons of the year within the course of a short drive. Explorers can also discover hot springs, hiking and walking opportunities and, in winter, one of Turkey’s best ski centers. yedigoller_npThe land covered with many kinds of different trees and herbs. Yedigoller is an amazingly important place for those who interested in lake fishing. Moreover as a result of effective protection of plant and animal life, the animals inside the park like deer, pigs, wolves, foxes and squirrels are increasing in number. The view is amazingly enchanting from Kapankaya peak in the Yedigoller National Park. From that point with a little walking you can view the deer protection area. While you do your camping daily picnics, trekking and photographing you could accommodate yourself in bungalows and guesthouses which are in the national park. Yedigoller National Park offers visitors to watch closely the beauty of the wildlife and rich landscape. The trees are painted with the most impressive red, yellow and green colors in autumn. Therefore autumn may be the best season to visit the national park. One can always enjoy the silence of nature and feel absolute serenity here.

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