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[15th Dec. – 21st Dec. 2013] SNAPSHOT Weekly Ranking


At SNAPSHOT, we curate photography related contents from all around Asia to present it in one single site for your reading and viewing pleasure. Be it trending, new Canon camera releases, new technologies, photography techniques, videos etc we will sniff out the best for you. Weekly Ranking is a must-read for all busy people as we will rank all contents viewed from 15th of Dec. to 21st of Dec. to present to you the TEN most popular stories. So now let's take a look at what's HOT!!

Top 10 Ranking

This week, apart from the first in ranking which remains unchanged, we are spotting some major shifts in the order of ranking with 5 new articles pushing their way up the list. EOS 70D still dominates favor with 2 articles leaping their way into number 2 and 3! Making its debut appearance at number 7 is [Part 1] Lessons on the key points of Digital SLR - Capturing that child-like moment! Capturing your children's moments never gets any easier with this entry level DSLR guide!

What's New

"What's New" features sneak peek into selected articles, contents and videos about interesting trends, model releases, new technologies, and everything about photography that is related to Canon. Be the first to read our latest articles and set the trend for our Weekly Ranking chart!

Many people think that Flash photography is difficult, but it's not. Learn the basics of using an external flash in just 9 simple steps! From mounting to exposure compensation and flash angles, you will find out how different settings in your camera can affect the light coverage in your shoots.

Creativity is put into action with children in the picture. A slight change in placement and focus tells a unique story. Following the previous article on the fundamentals of taking pictures of children using DSLR, professional photographer, Yuji Ogura, now shares with you on how to take impactful pictures of them.

Diffraction and color aberrations? Why compromise with that? With the Digital Lens Optimizer, such imperfections are rectified through digital technology and highly precise lens data, unleashing the full potential of the Canon-made genuine EF lenses. Snap and optimize, try it.

To Alan Ang, nature is one of the most wonderful storytellers. Learn how he manages to reproduce these stories in pictures, and how his passion for taking pictures of the nature brings him to remote destinations. Let Alan take you upon a journey of careful planning and keen observation.

The New Photojournalism

(From the website "Vimeo")

Photojournalism is changing. Visuals are no longer restricted to pictures. There are videos too. And here is where Canon EOS 5D Mark II comes in. With the ability to take both high resolution pictures and high-definition videos in one camera, there is no need to adapt to another tool!