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Here are 5 Reasons Why the EOS R is Ideal for Night Photography


Night photography can result in stunning shots, but not without overcoming challenges such as the lack of proper exposure and attaining the right focus. Discover night photography in a new light with Instagrammer Lee Yik Keat (@yk) as he hits the streets of Singapore with Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera the EOS R. 

1. Ease of low-light focusing

EOS R, RF28-70mm f/2L USM lens, f/2.2, 70mm, 1/250sec, ISO1600

Thanks to the EOS R’s low-light focusing limit of EV-6 at the central focus point, focusing is tack sharp, which is extremely useful in low-light scenarios where distinguishing subjects could be difficult for the human eye. Plus, its ISO sensitivity range of 100-40,000 means I was able to capture high quality shots in dim lighting.

EOS R, RF24-105mm f/4L USM lens, f/4, 43mm, 1/20sec, ISO 3200

Find out how the lack of light at night can work to your advantage in 3 Ways to Light Your Portraits When Shooting at Night with EOS R.

2. More accurate focusing  

EOS R, RF50mm f/1.2L USM lens, f/1.2, 50mm, 1/125sec, ISO1600

With up to 5,655 manually selectable AF point positions, I could also focus more accurately, even if it’s a tiny prick of light, with a simple tap of my finger on the LCD screen. This allows for better composition opportunities and opens up the possibilities of what I can shoot, even at night.

3. Never miss photo opportunities

EOS R, RF24-105mm f/4L USM lens, f/4, 24mm, 1/13sec, ISO3200

The EOS R’s fast AF speed is definitely one of my personal highlights. For a camera that has one of the fastest AF speeds in the market at the moment, it came in extremely useful when I captured street photos with quick-moving scenes. This means I didn’t get to miss out on shooting opportunities even under low-light conditions.

4. Ease of low-angle shots 

EOS R, RF24-105mm f/4L USM lens, f/4, 24mm, 1/10sec, ISO3200

Unlike a tilt screen, the EOS R’s rotating Vari-angle LCD screen came in handy for shooting low-angle vertical photos. I just had to flip the Vari-angle LCD screen and compose my shots by using the screen as a touchpad to touch and drag the selected AF position . 

Tip: Rain provides you with wonderful opportunities to add creative flair to your night photos. Colours become richer and more saturated when it’s raining. After the rain, ordinary sidewalks turn into giant mirrors that reflect ambient light for more artistic shots. 

5. Compact camera size and lens compatibility

EOS R, RF24-105mm f/4L USM lens, f/8, 24mm, 6sec, ISO100

At just 660 grams, the EOS R’s body is lightweight yet provides a good grip – making it a welcome addition to my current photography gear. In addition, I could use my existing EF or EF-S lenses with the help of a dedicated EF-EOS R Mount Adapter. This adapter retains full autofocus and image stabilisation capabilities, thus maintaining the original optical quality of the mounted lens.

Performance that Exceeds Expectations

From its low-light capability to focusing performance and fast AF speed, the EOS R far exceeded my expectations. The EOS R would suit users with an intermediate level of photography knowledge. This is so that the user would be able to maximise the use of the EOS R through its various functions. 

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Yik Keat

Yik Keat
Yik Keat is a self-taught urban photographer and is a highly sought-after creator who is known for his ways with colours and his ability to bring out personality on the streets. He has worked for brands including Adidas, Apple, and Leica. Yik Keat puts his heart and soul in every photograph and wants the audience to be captivated in some kind of way.