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How To Use The Rule Of Space In Photography


How can the Rule of Space improve your wedding photos? Let this infographic guide you on how to use this technique to compose stronger and more engaging photos for weddings.

Why use Rule of Space in wedding photography

  1. To convey movement and speed. Leave negative space in front of the subject, such as walking up the aisle, so your viewer feels that the subject is moving and heading into that space.
  2. To direct viewer’s attention. Allow negative space in the direction of the subject’s gaze to draw your viewer’s attention. A groom's gaze towards his bride works well.
  3. To show vastness and grandeur. Surround your subject with a large amount of negative space to add a sense of scale, such as positioning the camera low to show the vastness of the beach.

3 tips when applying the Rule of Space to your wedding photography

  1. Your negative space doesn’t have to be white, just keep it simple and uncluttered. 
  2. Place your subject on the intersection of the Rule of Thirds, such as the dancefloor of the newlyweds’ first dance. This helps viewers focus solely on the subject resulting in a stronger composition.
  3. Play with extreme negative space so your viewer has to look for the main subject. If the wedding venue has a lake or beach setting, use this area for a more intriguing composition.

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