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[Lesson 3] Simple techniques to produce charming photos with “bokeh” effect!

In Lesson 3, let's learn how to make use of the EOS M to create "bokeh" effect, which is one of the points for capturing photos with a charming ambience. If you intend to start using a mirrorless camera, or have just purchased a new camera, this series provides easy-to-understand lessons on techniques for capturing charming photos using the EOS M, which boasts high image quality and yet is simple to operate even by beginners. By knowing the camera and the basics of the photography, you will be able to produce the shots you envisioned easily! (Photos by: Takeshi Akaogi, Written & Organized by: Camera Biyori Editorial Department)

Q: How can I produce charming photos with "bokeh" effect easily?

A: The two points to note in order to produce photos with a charming ambience are "a strong bokeh effect" and "brightness." Here, I will explain techniques to capture photos with a strong "bokeh" effect easily using the "Creative Auto" feature.

[Creative Auto]

(1) Tap the "Q" icon at the top right of the screen

Tap the Quick Control shortcut icon "Q" on the screen.

(2) Select "Background blur"

Tap the icon with a face and scale at the bottom of the right column. A "Background: Blurred <-> Sharp" slider appears at the bottom of the screen.

(3) Adjust the degree of blur by moving the slider

Tap the slider to adjust how "blurred" or "sharp" the image appears. You can check the effect on the Live View screen.

Let's Try! "Bokeh" and "Sharp" Photos

Set to "Background: Blurred"

Take a shot with focus set on the cat. The cat stands out from the blurry background, creating a soft ambience.

Set to "Background: Sharp"

Although focus is set on the cat, the entire image, including the background, turns out sharp, creating a solid impression.

Canon's first mirrorless camera, the EOS M, comes in four color variations (black, red, white, and silver) so you can pick one according to your preference.

Takeshi Akaogi

As a photographer, Akaogi works mainly for magazines and writes books introducing photography and practical tips. He also teaches at photography workshops.

Camera Biyori

Camera Biyori is a Japanese photography magazine introducing charming photos and daily joy with cameras. Suggesting fun activities relating to cameras and photography, Camera Biyori editorial department also offer the "Camera Biyori Photography School" to recommend its readers to engage in photography and have fun.

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