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[Part 1] 9 Benefits of Using a Battery Grip

You might have heard of the term ”battery grip” before, but there are many people who still do not know about its existence and advantages. In this article, we introduce the battery grip and its allure in an easy-to-understand manner. (Reported by: Koichi Isomura)

What is a Battery Grip?

A battery grip is a grip shaped accessory that stores multiple batteries, increasing the number of batteries that can be used in a camera. With this, you can substantially increase a camera’s battery life. There is a reason for the case’s grip shape. A battery grip is generally fitted at the bottom of a camera. When the camera is used in the vertical position, the bottom of the camera faces the side, making the grip shape useful because it allows you to properly hold the camera and stabilise it. The battery grip is equipped with a shutter button as well as several other buttons. This makes shooting in the vertical position feel just like you’re shooting in the horizontal position.

Introducing the battery grip!

For Canon battery grip BG-E6

A: Main Dial

B: Shutter Button

C: AF Start Button, AE Lock/FE Lock Button/Index/Compression Button, AF Point Selection/Magnify button

D: ON/OFF Switch

A shutter button, Command Dial and various other buttons are located on a battery grip to make shooting in the vertical position feel just like you’re shooting in the horizontal position.

Benefit 1

Increased battery life!

Normally, only one battery can be stored in the camera’s main body. However, by fitting a battery grip, you can store two batteries. As a result, the camera’s battery life is doubled, allowing you to take pictures for an even longer period of time without having to worrying about running out of power.

Introducing the battery grip!

For Canon battery grip BG-E6

Without a battery grip

With a battery grip

A battery grip is fitted to the base of the camera’s main body with tripod mounting screws. Think of this as increasing the size of the camera by the thickness of the battery. Once fitted with a battery grip, your camera will look just like a high-end model.

Benefit 2

Improved grip and operability in the vertical position!

The battery grip allows you to hold the camera properly in the vertical position as you can grip it firmly with your hand. The results of this are most obvious when shooting with a long lens such as a telephoto lens.

Benefit 3

Greater comfort in the vertical position

The various buttons and dials located on the battery grip are arranged in almost the same layout as in the horizontal position. As a result, vertical shots can be taken with the same sense of operability as when taking horizontal shots. Once you get used to it, you can change the camera settings without looking away from the viewfinder and take shots rapidly. This feature comes in handy when you have to frequently change between the horizontal and vertical positions such as when shooting portraits.

Benefit 4

Steadiness even in the vertical position

When taking a photo with the camera in the vertical position, your right hand has to be in an uncomfortable position either above or below the camera to press the shutter button. In both instances, your posture becomes unstable, which results in camera shake and makes it difficult to shoot steadily. However, if the camera is fitted with a battery grip, camera shake is prevented, thereby leading to a stable composition because you can hold the camera while keeping both arms close to the body just like when shooting in the horizontal position.

If a battery grip is installed, you can adopt a comfortable and stable posture.

Without a battery grip……

One arm is lifted and the camera is unstable.

The camera is hard to hold in the opposite direction.

Camera shake occurs easily in vertical compositions

Have you ever experienced camera shake when taking pictures with a vertical composition? This is because your posture somehow becomes unstable when you pose with the camera in the vertical position. When you press the shutter in this position, the force and its reaction force are applied sideways which can easily affect the stability of the camera. Hence, a battery grip is effective in maintaining stability in the vertical position.

The horizontal and vertical lines cannot be captured well on screen

Without a battery grip

With a battery grip

When you shoot upright subjects such as buildings vertically, they can sometimes appear to be leaning to one side in the actual photo without you realising it. One reason for this is the unnatural posture you adopt when shooting with the camera in a vertical position. This is because even if you try to adopt a straight posture, the balance of the camera is affected by the way the camera is held, making it difficult to determine the vertical and horizontal axes. A camera fitted with a battery grip allows you to shoot in a natural posture, thereby preventing this from happening.

Koichi Isomura

Born in 1967 in Fukuoka Prefecture, he graduated from a vocational school for photography in Tokyo and became an independent photographer after working in advertising production. He shoots a wide variety of subjects from people to products, architecture, theatre, etc. In recent years, he has held exhibitions in various places with a focus on the themes of nature and human activity.