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[Part 2] 9 Benefits of Using a Battery Grip

You might have heard of the term "battery grip" before, but there are many people who still do not know about its existence and advantages. In this article, we introduce the battery grip and its allure in an easy-to-understand manner. (Reported by: Koichi Isomura)

Benefit 5

Provides a better balance with the lens

One of the drawbacks of using a battery grip is that it would increase the total weight of the camera by 20 to 30%. However, it has its advantages too, such as providing a better weight balance with heavy lenses.
When a long and heavy lens, such as a large-diameter telephoto, is mounted to the camera, the overall weight balance would be skewed to the lens. In this case, attaching a battery grip helps to move the centre of gravity back toward the camera for greater stability during the shoot.

The centre of gravity shifts to the front with the heavy weight of the lens.

Balance is maintained with the use of a battery grip.

Benefit 6

Enhances the grip in the horizontal orientation

When a battery grip is attached to the bottom of the camera, it helps to lengthen the grip of the camera body, thereby providing a firm hold of the camera by all of the five fingers. Doing so not only enhances the stability when the camera is held upright, but also provides a better hold in the horizontal orientation. The longer grip has also made it less tiring when you are walking around with the camera held in your hand.

Benefit 7

Eases operation of the zoom ring and MF focusing ring

The battery grip comes in handy when you apply force to the lens tube, such as when you are turning the zoom ring or the focusing ring during MF. It helps to provide a firm grip of the camera in both the vertical and horizontal orientations, thus preventing camera shake even when there is a sudden rotation in the axis, such as when you zoom in or zoom out while tracking your subject.

Benefit 8

Useful too for low-angle shots

This is an example when Live View shooting is carried out at an extremely low angle that is almost touching the water surface. It would be difficult to press the shutter button from such a position under normal circumstances. However, with a battery grip attached, you can do so easily by pressing the shutter button located on it using your index finger while holding the camera with both hands and stretching them all the way toward the ground.

Benefit 9

Eases battery exchange when a tripod is used

When you are carrying out a shoot with the camera mounted to a tripod, you will not be able to exchange the battery stored inside the camera body unless you remove the camera from the tripod. With a battery grip attached, you can open the battery compartment cover without detaching the camera from the tripod, so you do not have to worry about moving the camera again after you have fixed its position.

Battery Grip BG-E6

Compatible camera: EOS 5D Mark II
The battery compartment cover is applied with a sealing process for enhanced dust and moisture resistance. In addition to the Battery Pack LP-E6, the standard battery, the Battery Grip also supports AA batteries with the use of the Battery Magazine BGM-E6 (comes supplied with the BG-E6). When two LP-E6 are loaded, the shooting duration is lengthened by about twice compared to using a single LP-E6 stored inside the camera body.

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Koichi Isomura

Born in 1967 in Fukuoka Prefecture, he graduated from a vocational school for photography in Tokyo and became an independent photographer after working in advertising production. He shoots a wide variety of subjects from people to products, architecture, theatre, etc. In recent years, he has held exhibitions in various places with a focus on the themes of nature and human activity.