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[Question 5] What should I do if the composition is lacking and doesn’t seem right?

If you find that your photos somehow do not look complete, you can use a technique to change the layout of your photos. We will introduce square photos, as well as their shooting methods, that will deliver photos without a sense of discomfort no matter what composition you use. (Edited by Camera Biyori, Photos by: Takeshi Akaogi)

Camera Settings

P: Program Auto, Av: Aperture-Priority AE, Tv: Shutter-Priority AE, M: Manual

A1: Change the aspect ratio

Select [Aspect Ratio] on the menu screen.

Select “1:1″ from “3:2″, “4:3″, “1:1″ and “16:9″ to take square photos.

What is aperture?

This is the ratio of the vertical axis to the horizontal axis in a photo. In a digital camera, you can choose aspect ratios from “3:2″, “4:3″, “1:1″, “16:9″, etc. Select “1:1″ when you want to shoot square photos.

Example of a shot taken with the aspect ratio changed

The mood changes even if the subject remains the same!


Most often used in DSLRs with the same ratio as 35 mm film and a slightly longer horizontal axis.


The ratio is the same for the vertical and horizontal axes (square).


Long and narrow ratio that is ideal for watching on TV.


Often used in compact digital cameras with a slightly longer vertical axis than 3:2.

Take up the photography challenge!

Make your photos look cuter using an aspect ratio of 1:1 to take square photos!

A square frame has a characteristic of making the main subject stand out without the picture being ruined by unnecessary objects entering the margins of the screen. Since the line of sight is focused on the centre without being diverted to the left and right, the composition is easy to create with a sense of balance and stability.

Takeshi Akaogi

As a photographer, Akaogi works mainly for magazines and writes books introducing photography and practical tips. He also teaches at photography workshops.

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