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SNAPSHOT 1st Anniversary Ranking


It's been a year since SNAPSHOT was launched! To mark our first anniversary, let's count down the 10 most popular articles in the past year. Discover how to frame your pictures with 3 articles on composition techniques coming in at numbers 6 to 8. Next, join us in celebrating our achievements in the Super Bowl XLVII 2014 Game with the article in second place. Finally, learn about "Photography Techniques Using a Prime Lens" with our top article! Grasp the finer points in using prime lenses and never be hindered by low light conditions again. Check out these amazing articles now.

Top 10 Ranking

What's New

New photography articles are always being written, but here at What's New, we place our focus on writings that seek to empower, and ultimately, enrich your shooting experience. With this in mind, we are constantly on the lookout every week for the latest quality reads. Satisfy your hunger for photography with our fine selection now. Read more here.

Printing photographs has never been more convenient with the new PIXMA iP8770. Equipped with a 6 colour-tank system for richer colour expression, a full range of templates for various themes, as well as efficient Wi-Fi capability, this inkjet printer opens up a wide range of possibilities to meet your needs.

Camera flash can do more than just brighten the subject! From reproducing colours and enhancing picture quality with normal flash, to illuminating the subject using different flash intensities, camera flash can enhance your pictures in many unexpected ways. Check out this article for our guide to flash operations in your camera.

Bearing a huge dedication to the ocean and to visual arts since his youth, underwater photography was only natural progression to Tony Wu. What he couldn't have known was that his pursuit in conveying the underwater world would eventually earn him a top spot in numerous highly acclaimed photography competitions! Find out more about his unique passion and experiences underwater from this article now.

How do you maintain your camera lenses? Keeping them clean is just the start! Check out our comprehensive guide to lens cleaning and protection, and find out what are the dos and don'ts in camera care. You will soon realise that keeping good habits can even increase the lifespan of your camera lenses.

The difference between the EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM and non-micro lenses is huge. Apart from delivering sharp images, this lens offers a magnificent 1:1 magnification, suitable for stills and wildlife photography. Check out this article to see how close this lens can bring you to the subject now!