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Pernahkah Anda merasakan momen dimana Anda berharap waktu berhenti, sepersekian detik; saat Anda melihat pemandangan yang indah; saat Anda menyadari bahwa dialah sosok yang istimewa. Jadikan momen-momen tersebut abadi untuk selamanya, dengan EOS 800D.



(EF S18-55 IS STM)

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Periode kontes: 25 Juli – 10 September 2017. S&K Berlaku.

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  • EOS 800D - #SayYesTo ketepatan fokus dalam modus Live View

  • EOS 800D - #SayYesTo foto jernih dalam kondisi minim cahaya

  • EOS 800D - #SayYesTo 6 fps

  • EOS 800D - #SayYesTo perekaman video yang mulus


Peningkatan Fitur yang Semakin Ramah untuk Pemula

Nikmati fokus AF berkecepatan tinggi di dunia yaitu 0,03 detik*^ pada modus Live View pada EOS DSLR ini.

  • CMOS Dual Pixel AF
  • Sistem AF 45 Titik Tipe Silang
  • Prosesor gambar DIGIC 7

Bagi fotografer masa kini

  • Tampilan intuitif yang ramah bagi pemula
  • Layar sentuh LCD dengan artikulasi penuh untuk memudahkan proses berkreasi
  • Teknologi Wi-Fi / NFC dan Bluetooth hemat energi untuk pemotretan jarak jauh dan berbagi dengan mudah

*Di antara semua kamera digital dengan lensa lepas tukar bersensor APS-C yang memiliki AF pendeteksian beda fase pada bidang layar. Per 14 Februari 2017 (Penelitian oleh Canon).^Dihitung berdasar kecepatan AF yang dihasilkan, yang diukur sesuai dengan pedoman CIPA.(Bervariasi tergantung kondisi pemotretan dan lensa yang digunakan.) Dengan metode pengukuran internal.

[Kondisi pengukuran] Tingkat kecerahan fokus: EV 12 (suhu kamar, ISO 100) | Mode pemotretan: M Lensa yang digunakan: EF-S18-55mm f/4-5,6 IS STM (pada focal length 55mm) | Metode pemotretan Live View AF: Live 1-point AF (dengan titik AF di tengah) | Pengoperasian AF: One-Shot AF



Apakah Anda siap menghadapi tantangan? Melangkah ke dunia baru melalui fotografi.

Hal ini tidak selalu rumit. Kami akan membantu Anda. Sambut tantangan #SayYesTo dan menangkan hadiahnya!



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ANSWERS: [C] 0.03s [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus [D] 25600 [C] 6 fps I want to #SayYesTo Seeing The Light. It's a difficult truth to face, but there's no doubt that the world we live in today is full of hate, chaos and uncertainty. How we choose to see the world dictates how we live our lives. These days, it's a lot easier to see the darkness in the world. I'd like to consider myself in the middle between an optimist and a pessimist. I believe that perhaps, hard times make good things shine a lot brighter, and that the darkness makes light easier to see. But I also believe that no matter how dark it gets, it's always important to look for that light. It's important that we live our lives, giving light to each other. As a budding photographer, I want to see the light in the world. I want to see beyond just the faces of people. I want to know their story, I want to know what they're going through. I want to tell them to "smile", because maybe during this 15-minute shoot is the only time in the day they'll be able to. I want to see the light in the world. I want to see the beauty of nature, and to share that beauty to those who aren't able to see it, or are too scared to. I want to convince, not just others, but even myself, that in this world we live in today - there's so much more light to see, there's so much more great things to face, and that there's so much more life to live. I'm going to #SayYesTo Seeing The Light, because life's too bright, beautiful, and colorful for me to be staying in the dark.

Q1 : [C] 0.03s Q2 : [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus Q3 : [D] 25600 Q4 : [C] 6 fps Q5 : I'd #SayYesTo what I've always dreamed of. It's to take a good picture. It's always been my dream to own a camera and take picture of my surrounding from nature to people and culture. I always like nature especially. Green things always catches my eyes and also sky. I like to see how happiness were shown in a picture how people smiles were kept in a photos.

1. C (0.03s) 2. A (Dual Pixel CMOS AF 3. D (25600) 4. C (6 fps) #SayYesTo the moments that I'm with my son, be it on little things that he do, whether in gleeful or gloomy times. #SayYesTo the moment of his success or even in his rough times. If he reminisce these moments, he'll never forget and he'll #SayYesTo a mother's love is always there for him and these memories will never be taken back from him.

a) [C] 0.03s, [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus, [D] 25600, [C] 6 fps b) #SayYesTo Candid Photography because it is like a music, a sculpture, a painting, or any form of art ... it tells a story. Every photo we took has a different story which i belive is the essence of photography itself: to tell a story; to let the viewers create their own interpretation based on what they see on the photo; and to treasure every moment. With the amazing feature of Canon 800D, it will help me take high quality photos.

C(0.03s), A(Dual pixel), D(25600), C(6fps). #SayYesTo trying my hand out at professional photography and exploring the great and awesome features of the EOS 800D!

1.(C)0,03s 2.(A)Dual Pixel CMOS AF 3.(D) 25600 4.(D) 6 fps #SayYeToChange - Changing but never forgetting where you came from. Constantly learning from your mistakes and enjoying the moments you experience. Upgrading but not forgetting.

1. (C) 0.03s 2. (A) Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus 3. (D) 25600 4. (C) 6 fps 5. I would #SayYesTo every new discoveries. Creating new memories. Overcoming boundaries.

Q1 : [C] 0.03s Q2 : [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus Q3 : [D] 25 600 Q4 : [C] 6 fps Happy and sad moments cherished together Bringing life and harmony for one another Having a life as peaceful as ever In a photograph it never says never #SayYesTo those love and beautiful memories And not to forget those bad and dull moments Canon EOS 800D will always be here for centuries Collecting pieces and forming us meaningful ornaments People come and go? Oh yes they do But those memories will forever stay Moments that I would like to #SayYesTo Are always the best if I must say :)

Part I. 1) [C]; 2) [A]; 3) [D]; 4) [C] Part II. As a 23-year-old Marketing practitioner and lover of all things travel and food, I'd always #SayYesTo new adventures and new friendships. Nowadays, being a millenial is garnering so much criticism from the traditional society we've all grown up with. In fact, my family, being as traditional as ever, has never let me go out of our home past 10pm until recently, when I got a job as a Marketing Associate, which entailed sleepless nights and around-the-clock work, especially during the holidays. I haven't been traveling a lot much since it was only a year ago when I was allowed to do so and, by doing so, I discovered that there is so much I need to grasp and gain knowlodge of in this world we live in. I fell in love; I fell in love with the sun, the rain, the trees, the sand and the seas; I fell in love with seafood, exotic food and coconuts; I fell in love with the people I travel with and with the locals of the places I've visited. After traveling a handful of places in the past year, I promised myself that I would never say no to new adventures and new found friendships. These are memories I'll be replaying over and over in my lifetime, and what better way to relive it by capturing all those memories using Canon's NEW EOS 800D. I will #SayYesTo Canon EOS 800D.

a) [C] 0.03s, [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus, [D] 25600, [C] 6 fps b) #SayYesTo EOS 800D because photography is my life.

Answer: 1.[C] 0.03 秒 2.[A] 雙像素 CMOS 自動對焦 3.[D] 25600 4.[C] 6 張/秒 我想 #SayYesTo 《台灣向上之聲》 沉靜的黑夜即將破曉, 算算已接近黎明時刻。 五點三十五分,寂靜巷弄中, 突然呼嘯而過摩托車聲, 熟練完美姿勢,撲通一聲, 只見報紙落地,準時送達。 五點四十三分,又來一台, 以迅速俐落之動作,發出框啷框啷瓶聲, 原來新鮮溫熱羊奶,已置放門口保溫箱。 時間來到六點整,原本安靜的街道, 傳來吱吱喳喳談笑聲,忍不住開窗一探究竟, 答案是社區婆婆媽媽,雀躍地切磋練舞心得。 逐漸地聲音已漸行漸遠,終於寧靜下來。 七點三十分,耳邊傳來嗶嗶嗶嗶急促聲, 才發現床邊鬧鐘發出不留情聲響, 想捲曲棉被瑟縮著身體,渴望停留溫暖夢鄉, 不料母親發出無情嘶吼,頻頻催促趕緊起床, 有如魔音傳腦般,極具穿透力,終於―我醒了。 飢腸轆轆想尋找一天活力來源,不知不覺走向早餐店。 店內阿珠姨不停舞動手中煎鏟,鐵板也發出吱吱作響, 熱情吆喝聲此起彼落,凝聚幸福與溫馨。 八點三十分, 此刻的我正穿梭轟隆隆車陣, 夾雜叭叭喇叭聲與時間賽跑。 市集店家,用高分貝音量抓住往來顧客目光。 義交茂伯,早已站在繁忙的十字路口, 敬業吹起哨子伸出手勢,嗶嗶嗶指揮交通。 看見,車水馬龍所見證的是― 揮別無薪假陰霾,產業復甦之景象。 聽見,士農工商齊打拼,交織汗水與愉悅, 就是來自台灣最美向上之聲。 我用Canon EOS 800D捕捉台灣努力向上力量, 留住撼動人心時刻!

My Answers : 1. [c] 0,03 seconds 2. [a] Dual Pixel CMOS AF 3. [d] 25600 4. [c] 6 fps I'd #SAYYESTO I will be say yes to every moments that comes to our life. Everymoment has a message and some message God Gave us, so it depen or our action how to take, react to that moment make it a golden moment. Canon EOS 800D is perfect, it has everything we need to capture the moment with our creativity, our soul, our imagination that we paint it with Canon EOS 800D. The Most fast focus Live Wiew Camera, Smooth, great whatever condition and i would say low light, also capture 6 frame burst mode. 45 point cross focus system, Wow! Amazing, my dream Camera for me i have been waiting from Canon. Yes it is A friend for teh chamoin #SAYYESTO EOS 800D

1) [C] 0.03s 2) [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus 3) [D] 25600 4) [C] 6fps 5) I would #SayYesTo seeing things in new perspectives. We are so used to being taught of how things look and function that we see it just that way for the longest time. Being able to present something in a different manner will enable me to tell a different a story and appreciate it even more. And the best part of capturing them in photographs/videos is that I can share with other people what I have seen and felt during that exact moment. #SayYesTo Canon EOS 800D

1. [c] 0,03 seconds 2. [a] Dual Pixel CMOS AF 3. [d] 25600 4. [c] 6 fps 5. I #SayYesTo VLOGGING ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS. Blogging using videos has been a powerful tool to spread information nowadays. And it would be a good idea to use this tool to important advocations such as mental health awareness. As someone who is suffering from anxiety, it's a topic that's very close to my heart. It would be very interesting to find out more about mental illnesses that affects a lot of people out there and to spread the information through vlogging/videos. I believe an informative video that details mental illnesses, its causes and what you can do to overcome them (how to stop panic attacks, how to meditate, etc.) would go a long way. I #SayYesTo to spreading MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS because I believe videography/photography combined with a purpose to help others would be a fulfilling one.

Answers: Q1 - [C] 0.03s, Q2 - [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus, Q3 - [D] 25600, Q4 - [C] 6 fps, Q5 - #SayYesTo exploring life's adventures! #SayYesTo decisive moments I wanted to capture fast as the beauty unfolds before my eyes to turn into memories. #SayYesTo fearless and focused motivation to the subjects for me to keep in track of achieving my goals. #SayYesTo unwavering determination and discovery, to shine brighter by expressing my talents and abilities to the world, unshaken amidst the odds. #SayYesTo continuous progress and fast-paced innovation that improves our lives and moves us faster to our victories!

a) Q1: [C] 0.03s, Q2: [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus, Q3: [D] 25600, Q4: [C] 6 fps b) I would like to #SayYesTo keep our love forever frozen. Because love is the most beautiful thing to have, hardest thing to earn and most painful thing to lose. I don’t have the mind of William Shakespeare to immortalize his love, but I have my own creativity to pixelate my love one, keep our smiles, and retain our ages. So, I will definitely #SayYesTo Canon 800D.

1. [C] 2. [A] 3. [D] 4. [C] I believe I will be able to #SayYesTo capturing all the happy moments of my family and all the joys we share in a never before experienced and truly amazing way with the state of the art EOS 800D.

a) [C] 0.03s , [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus, [D] 25600, [C] 6 fps b) I will definitely #SayYesTo my moments with my loved ones. So when I get old and my memory may turn bad, those moments can still live through my eyes and my vivid pictures.

1st Q: [C] 0.03s 2nd Q: [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus 3rd Q: [D] 25600 4th Q: [C] 6 fps I'd #SayYesTo record and shoot moments that would most likely end in a flash. I'd love to capture the moment I reach out to grab my Diploma and see my parents' honored smiles and their faces fill with delight as I walk down the stage with my prize; the instant my baby brother takes his first step; and for the day I hear my darling's sweet reply <3 there are a lot of moments I dare not miss I wouldn't want to have the feeling of guilt not being able to photograph a such spectacle worth immortalizing...

Answer: 1. [C] 0.03s 2.[A]Dual Pixel CMOS auto Focus 3.[D] 25600 4. [C] 6fps I will #SayYesTo The Rhythmn ! I love it when I see pepole dance. I remember how my loved ones grooved to the music when we celebrated my grandmothers birthday. I was just disappointed that I was not able to capture their smiles because they were moving too fast and there was not enough light. All the images were blurred and dark. But, I will now say goodbye to those bad cam days because of the new EOS 800D! I can't wait to capture the moments with

a) [C] 0.03s , [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus, [D] 25600, [C] 6 fps For me i'd #SayYesTo moments of emotion. For me the event with the most most emotion is weddings, you'll see tears, laughter, happiness which are awesome emotions to share and be shared with and it all starts with a Yes!

Q1. [C] 0.03s Q2. [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus Q3. [D] 25600 Q4. [C] 6 fps Q5. I'd like to #SayYesTo all of the unpredictable moments in my life. I am always ready to embrace them. Getting out of my own box leads myself to the second stage of my existence and that means I am grabbing all of the opportunities in life and opening new doors as well. These moments may be life changing or not, but hey, not all are given the chance to experience these things. Be like a Jack-In-The-Box, it's always up for surprises! It would be better if these moments would be captured by the all new Canon EOS 800D!

Q1: C (0.03s) Q2: A (DualPixel) Q3: D (25600) Q4: C (6fps) i would like to #SayYesTo every moment that i can capture photo.I love photo shooting because photo is not just a phote,yet it can be a memory,human cannot remember everything with just a brain,but we can save the favourite moment with photo.This is why i would like to #SayYesTo capture moment #SayYesTo800D

a) 1. [C] 0.03secs 2. [A] Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus 3. [D] ISO 25,600 4. [C] 6fps b) I would like to #SayYesTo different perspectives with the new Canon EOS 800D! In a world where we are constantly bombarded with striking visuals (both static and moving) that tend to lead us to see or believe in only one way or the other, I strive to use the camera to shoot from different angles to invoke a different sense of feel/perspective to the audience. It can be used to portray my own thoughts/perception (through my own photo/video projects), and it can also be used to reveal or show different sides of the same matter which can be "new" or "enlightening" to others. With different perspectives, we can see the world and what it has to offer in many different ways, and hopefully it will inspire more people to open their hearts and minds to many things! And guess what, the Canon EOS 800D is a great camera to help me achieve that!

Answer: 1. [C] 0.03s 2.[A]Dual Pixel CMOS auto Focus 3.[D] 25600 4. [C] 6fps I will #SayYesTo Stepping Up ! As a beginner, I am still exploring the endless possibilities of phography. Discovering techniques, mastering the art, and telling stories through my photos is what I am looking forward to, everyday. With the new EOS 800D, I will be able to expand my knowledge and maximimize my abilities in photlgraphy! Thank you, Canon

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