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Street Food At Night

By ahnaf.wisnu_1471

EF135mm f/2L USM




f 2

Shutter Speed

1/50 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

Just a normal night in Jakarta. But your stomach is empty, it's too late to go outside for food. But, this is Jakarta. At daytime, Jakarta seems like every other city in places in the world, with its dense traffic, skyscraper and stuff. But when the night falls, it's time for street food to shine. Although street foods are also available at daytime, night is just quite different. There are some of which are only available at night, with completely different atmosphere, you see things differently at night. Such as the person in this photo. He walks kilometres every night, looking for any possible customer to buy and enjoy his food. The food itself has a very nice taste to it. Sadly enough, he passes by my house at a very late night time, which, for a student, you just have to sleep at that time. Still, i can't think of anything else better at night eating good, yet pocket-friendly hot noodles with your family and fill your stomach.


A 16 y.o. boy who are passionate and enthusiastic about photography and always want to learn more and more about photography


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