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INSPIRASI >> My Canon Story

The life of a Photographer

By ethan.pereira_9457

Canon EOS 77D


EF50mm f/1.8 STM




f 2.8

Shutter Speed

1/250 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

Photography is more than just a point and shoot kinda thing. It's an art. It's about developing an image that is creative and unique out of simplicity. Photography is a lifelong learning process.I definitely have so much to improve on. But I am blessed to be around people who stirs me on and people who helps me to improve to be better in it. It's about passion,patience,perseverance,sacrifices. People laugh at us sometimes,for the awkward positions we get in,the times we spent on this, just to capture that moment/shot. But sometimes, we have the last laugh,because what we create is satisfaction to ourselves. People fail to see the world through the eyes of ours. People fail to recognize the efforts and time put in to achieve these. But blessed are those who appreciate the works of these people. I'll never grow tired out of this, for I have only just started! :)


I am Ethan and I am from Singapore, a city I am proud to call my own. I love taking photos and creating memories for people to look back on. Personally, I see the world from a different perspective. I start imagining and creating crazy ideas from just normal things and environment. I love this hobby of mine and I will continue to work on my skills to get only better. To prove to the world how the world of photography is indeed, just beautiful. Thankful for the learning adventures and advices along the way. Really proud to know the fueling passion and desire for photography here in our beloved city is awesome. Either way, we'll always love what we do.


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