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Hey mate! make it simple but beautiful

By arunakumbukage

EF-S55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM




f 7.1

Shutter Speed

1/160 sec

Exposure Compensation

0 EV

I was wandering in the grasslands nearby in harsh daylight looking for something really appealing to capture with my new lens attached. It wasn't a cool day for me since everything around me was so limited due to the situation prevailed in the country. It's true that Covid-19 has changed our lives and the way we used to admire nature but, this lizard. I didn't see him the first time I look at the tree but the next moment I heard him than I noticed him. He was saying "Hey mate! make it simple but beautiful"


I am a self taught nature photographer from Sri Lanka. I love to capture moments cause some moments are worth spending more than once. I studied engineering in college and those years have shaped me up for where I belong. I took a camera in hand to capture my imagination and to love, cherish and admire nature I see through my viewfinder.