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5 Creative Hacks to Up Your Instagram Game


These days, Instagram is all about OOTDs and one food image after another. Why not try something different to jazz up your feed? Using a few everyday objects and a bit of creativity, learn how to capture more interesting photos using your mirrorless camera to help your photos stand out from the crowd. 

You do not need expensive tools or accessories to help create beautiful photos for your Instagram feed. With a few creative hacks, your mirrorless camera can do much more than what its manual says. 

1. Magnifying glass for close-ups

EOS M5, EF-M50mm f/1.8 STM lens, f/4, 50mm, 1/50sec, ISO200

Can’t afford expensive macro lens to shoot those close-ups? No problem! Get really close to your subject and place a magnifying glass above to enlarge it. Then position your lens near to the magnifying glass before clicking on the shutter. Remember to keep your hand holding the magnifying glass steady as you shoot through the glass.

2. DIY Bokeh

EOS M5, EF-M50mm f/1.8 STM lens, f/1.8, 50mm, 1/50sec, ISO640

Capturing bokeh shots is simpler than you might think. Make a filter out of black cardboard by cutting out a circle that fits snugly on your mirrorless camera lens and cut your desired bokeh shape by hand. Ensure the shape is small and cut precisely. Before shooting, set your lens to the lowest aperture value, and adjust the focus until you see the shapes appear where the lights are in your photo.

Tip: Use manual focus to help you adjust both aperture and shutter speed. To help capture better bokeh, increase the distance between your subject and the background. You can do this by decreasing the distance between the camera and your subject. The more shallow the depth of field means the more out of focus your photos will be, resulting in a better the bokeh effect.

3. Add Texture with Plastic Wrap

EOS M5, EF-M50mm f/1.8 STM lens, f/4.5, 50mm, 1/200sec, ISO200

Forget those preset filters that everyone has access to. Add an ethereal look to your images simply by using everyday transparent plastic wrap. This gives a beautiful texture to your photos without the need for post-editing. Simply place plastic wrap around the lens and shoot away. You could even use colourful plastic wraps – the possibilities are endless!  

4. Shadow Hack

Who knew a kitchen sieve could come in handy when taking photos? Experiment by tilting the sieve at different angles to get more interesting shadow patterns. Tip: Capture this shot during the afternoon when the light is harsh so that the patterns created by the shadows are stronger.

EOS M5, EF-M50mm f/1.8 STM lens, f/4.5, 50mm, 1/1600sec, ISO200

5. DIY Vintage Filter

EOS M5, EF-M50mm f/1.8 STM lens, f/4.5, 50mm, 1/1000sec, ISO200

Pantyhose is probably an item you’d never think to use in photography. To achieve a vintage look for your photos, wrap pantyhose over your lens to act as a softening or diffusion filter. Stretch a piece of light beige pantyhose over the front of your lens and secure it with a strong rubber band. Experiment by taking lots of shots using different tension levels of pantyhose stretched over the front of the lens.

Tip: Try a pantyhose with a different weave or thread count and see the difference!

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